10 Profitable Seasonal Business Ideas to Get Rich in Indonesia

Seasonal business is a business that is only run at certain times. For some people who can take advantage of the changing seasons, they must be in this business. The season referred to here is not the rainy or dry season, but a moment that is busy being celebrated or talked about by the people in Indonesia. Even though the period is short, this seasonal business can generate a huge profit. The following types of seasonal businesses in Indonesia are profitable.

1. Fruit Business

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There are some fruits that can be found in certain seasons and are very rarely found in other seasons. For example, rambutan, mango, and durian. That way, business people can sell their fruit by holding stalls on the roadside or in shops.

2. School Supplies Business

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The right month to open a seasonal business is June-July when students enter higher grade. At that time, students need new uniforms, books, stationery, and other school supplies. So, parents are looking for school supplies that their children need.

3. Ramadan and Eid Food Business

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The majority of Indonesians celebrate Eid al-Fitr. The moment of Ramadan until Eid is very suitable to be used to open a business in the culinary field. During the fasting month, many people usually sell various snacks to break their fast. In addition, there are also those who open impromptu catering subscriptions that provide a menu of iftar and pre-dawn meals. Towards the day of Eid, there must be many sellers of pastries or parcels for Eid celebration.

4. Business during Sports Events

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Sports events have many fans. Every time there is an international sports competition, the community will be very attentive and provide support. People’s enthusiasm is not only to watch the match, but many also buy the merchandise, such as t-shirts, scarves, hats, and so on. This moment is usually targeted by people as an opportunity to gain profit.

5. Seasonal Business Following Trends

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Seasonal business follows trends that come unexpectedly, such as the agate season that suddenly revives. Although uncertain and unpredictable, trends like this can be a great opportunity to open a profitable seasonal business.

6. Business Welcomes the New Year

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In December, people are so enthusiastic to welcome New Year’s Eve. Some business opportunities that can be tried include selling calendars, trumpets, and fireworks. That way, business people can take advantage of this seasonal business to get a huge profit.

7. Business to Welcome Chinese New Year

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When approaching Chinese New Year, Chinese people definitely need a number of Chinese New Year decoration items to decorate their homes, shops, and buildings. In addition, they also buy Chinese New Year clothes, basket cakes, red packets, and other necessities. Businessmen can try this seasonal business because the demand is very large and profitable.

8. Business Welcoming Indonesian Independence Day

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August 17 is the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. As a very important day for the nation and state, the government and society are very enthusiastic to commemorate it every year. There must be a number of seasonal traders selling red-and-white flags, NKRI-themed t-shirts, banners, and so on. Therefore, this seasonal business can be tried when approaching Indonesian Independence Day.

9. Business in the Political Year

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In a political year such as the Regional Head Election (Pilkada) and General Election (Pemilu), parties and politicians will spend a lot of money on campaign needs. For example, the business of making campaign videos and photos, social media buzzers, and printing campaign attributes. So, business people can benefit from a large number of orders.

10. Business of Rare Moments

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This seasonal business does not happen every year because there are only a few or even only one time in a long time. For example, the moment of a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse. Business people can sell eclipse glasses, t-shirts, and other souvenirs. Be sure to sell merchandise near an area where the eclipse can be seen.

Those are some types of profitable seasonal businesses in Indonesia. From the ten seasonal business choices above, which one would you like to try? Whatever the choice, good luck.

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