10 Soft Skills for Freelancers

Nowadays, in the rapidly developing technology and increasingly competitive work competition era, freelancers in IT need soft skills to compete in their careers. Soft skills are abilities that can be trained to continue to grow just like hard skills. Just like workers in other industries, freelancers also need supportive soft skills. The following are recommendations for soft skills that can be useful for freelancer careers in the long term:

1. Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is the ability to think rationally and orderly to understand the relationship between ideas and facts. Freelancers can practice this soft skill by reading books, debates, and discussions. These activities are very helpful in developing critical thinking skills.

2. Communication Skills

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Communication skills are the ability to process words, speak well, and can be understood by the other person. How to get these soft skills can be started by being an active listener, practising speaking clearly and concisely, self-confidence and others. It is very important to communicate well because it will be a bridge to build other skills for a promising freelancer career.

3. Accessing and Analyzing Information

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Accessing information is finding and retrieving information from any source. Analyzing information is the decomposition of complete information into its parts to identify and evaluate. Nowadays, spreading and accessing news is very easy. So, if it is not accessed and analyzed as a result, a lot of information is not proven true.

4. Curiosity, Creative, and Innovative

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Curiosity is a desire to know that arises and is owned by humans about something that has not been explained or answered. Creativity is creating something different from others. While innovative is creating something that has never existed in existence. The three soft are very related and mandatory for freelancers to have. Curiosity is the beginning of creative ideas and innovation.

5. Time Management

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Time management is the process of controlling time with a certain limit to perform certain tasks. Freelancers are required to have soft time management skills. Because this can show someone has a disciplined and professional personality.

6. Self-Management

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Self-management is the ability to prioritize goals, decide what to do, and take responsibility for completing actions. If you want to be a successful freelancer, you must be able to manage yourself. So, the more organized the more productive work that can be done in one day. And the more work you do, the more money you make.

7. Stress Management

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Stress management is about how to take an action by involving thinking, emotion, planning and problem-solving activities. A freelancer sometimes has a high level of stress. For example, dealing with a difficult client, a client who expects too much, has difficulty getting a new job or project, but the bill doesn’t think about how the working conditions are. Thus, it takes good stress management skills if you are a freelancer.

8. Financial Management

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Financial management is all efforts to plan, manage, save, and control money. A freelancer must have the ability to manage finances ranging from expenses and income to have an effective plan. Because freelancers do not receive a salary from the boss, you are fully responsible for the income.

9. Problem-Solving Ability

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Problem-solving ability is the ability to analyze problems and find effective solutions to solve these problems. A freelancer has a different problem to solve. Examples do not understand the project, being unable to meet deadlines, the client does not pay according to what is produced, too many revisions requested, and others. So, a freelancer must recognize and identify the problem to find a solution before the client gets too serious.

10. Know the Basics of Business

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Being a freelancer means that you have to be ready to face the uncertainty of your monthly income. However, if freelancers are willing to take the time to learn about business, it is possible to make money that exceeds their daily needs. So, to get the expected income, freelancers must organize all aspects of their work.

That’s 10 soft skills for freelancers. Keep improving the skills above to become a successful freelancer!

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