7 Best Graphic Designers in Instagram to Follow

Do you feel difficult to get inspiration in design? You can use Instagram to follow world-class graphic designers. From Instagram, you can find art references might trigger your brilliant idea. From typography, illustration, animation, to digital painting are shown as their portfolio and expression of creativity. Check these world top designers Instagram account below which you like.

1. Mike Perry

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Mike Perry which has account name @mikeperrysudio often displays various works, such as handwriting, and animation with attractive color variations. One of his best works is writing the title on Broad City sitcom in typography form. In addition, he is diligent to exhibit his works on Instagram. Mike Perry also often uploads the atmosphere of his studio while working. Currently, his number of followers reaches 83.4 thousand.

2. Timothy Goodman

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This graphic designer who has @timothygoodman account decorates his Instagram feed with stunning works. This New York-based designer has released a book with Jessica Walsh, collaborated with Target, and carried out many other inspiring projects. In this account, which was followed by 147 thousand people, Timothy Goodman presented murals, typography, and illustrations and short tutorials.

3. Mister Doodle

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Looking for a hand typography design specialist, Mister Doodle, @misterdoodle is the right choice. The results of his work in the form of interesting quotes, coupled with beautiful photos produce valuable works. The account belongs to a designer from Garut, Ahda Firdaus is highly recommended for who loves hand-lettering. Besides to give inspiration through his posts, Mister Doodle also often shows videos of the typography making which easy to imitate.

4. Steven Harrington

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Steven Harrington (@s_harrington) specializes in designing objects with sharp and thick contour lines. The doodle artworks he created typically monsters that resemble coconut trees.

The Los Angeles-based designers can produce illustrative designs with distinctive and effective styles. His account contains dynamic designs and interesting artworks might worth to follow. The account with 176 thousand followers is also displays drawing and tutorial processes that you can try.

5. Tad Carpenter

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The owner of Instagram account @tadcarpenter is a strong style and high flexibility designer. Tad Carpenter is able to produce classy typography and interesting illustrations. Most of his works use attractive colors. Although they use only two colors, the results look contrast and eye-catching. The account with 79.7 thousand followers will surely give you a lot of inspiration.

6. Jessica Walsh

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Jessica Walsh (@jessicawalsh) is one of the big names in the graphic design world. The designer’s Instagram is decorated with work that has been recognized and inspiring. Besides designing, she has also released a book titled 40 Days of Dating. In her Instagram account which has 455 thousand followers, you can see typography, illustrations, and interesting photos.

7. Every Hey

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Every Hey (@every_hey) is the owner of Hey Studios. This designer takes character icons and public figures to make a simple and inspirational illustration. His unique works can be a source of ideas for those of you who like to design icons and cartoons.

That’s the best and world-class graphic designers whose works you can look on Instagram. Hopefully, their works can inspire and make your design quality even better.

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