7 Sites to Learn Graphic Design for Free

Graphic design skill not only can be learned in school, college, and course but also websites. By online, you can learn graphic design anywhere. If you could manage your time and study hard, you might be a master in graphic design. There are sites to learn graphic design you should try.

1. Planet Photoshop

Planet Photoshop offers tutorials and videos about Photoshop. In this website, there are many features to increase your skill in photo editing. So that you can process your image to be more wonderful.

2. Web Design from Scratch

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Web Design from Scratch presents many effective tips and design tutorials. Tutorials are specialized in mastering web design. You could create a website from scratch after taking a course from this site.

3. Design School Canva

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Canva is an online platform for creating graphic design freely. In Canva, you could be able to design a flyer, poster, brochure, and CV by its templates. Besides, Canva also provides a blog to learn design named Design School Canva. Not only design ideas but also tutorials and workshop without charges.

4. Creative Pro

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Creative Pro delivers the way to learn by complete tutorials of graphic design in their website, creativepro.com. You will get guidance to make an illustration, layout, font, and operate Photoshop. Every tutorial is served as an article and video to follow. In How To menu, you can get much information about the design. Besides tutorials for beginners, Creative Pro also can help professionals to improve their skill and solve problems that often appear.

5. Design Digital

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Desaindigital.com, a website build by Mohammad Jeprie, has tutorials about Photoshop in the Indonesian language. This website is the biggest reference to learn Photoshop in Indonesia. In Desain Digital, you will find tips and trick to produce an eye-catching include of tutorials. This site also displays portfolio from famous designers which can be your inspiration.

6. Design Studio

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Different from Desain Digital, Desain Studio not only about Photoshop but also Adobe In Design and Adobe Illustrator. Desain Studio gives you courses, tips, tricks, and tutorials that easy for beginners. Here you can download icons, templates, mock-up, and fonts to help you produce the best artwork.

7. Insight

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If you want to be a UI (user interface) designer, you should learn from Insight (insight.design). You can produce an interesting and easy to use application and website. Before you take a course on this site, better to master UI design basic knowledge.

After you know about sites to learn graphic design, don’t wait anymore. Use your laptop or PC and internet to learn online until becoming an expert.

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