Avoid These Mistakes If You Want Your Product Branding To Work

In general, product branding is an effort made by the owners of a company to build their product identity. In addition to branding, branding is also related to all things related to a product such as logos, visual characteristics, imagery, the credibility of character impressions, perceptions, and assumptions that are in the minds of consumers of your product.

If you succeed in branding, in addition to your product being known to many people, you will also gain the trust of the consumer. Vice versa, if your branding doesn’t work, it will have a bad impact on your company.

So, to avoid failure in branding your product. It’s best not to do the following.

 Less serious selection of brand names

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As you know before, giving a brand name is the first thing that must be thought carefully because it involves the mention of the product. Naming that seems perfunctory and lacks consideration is at high risk of causing a failure of the branding process itself.

For this reason, it would be better if you do market research first before giving your product name. We recommend that the name given is also simple, short, and memorable.

 Rebranded brand too much

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The risky thing in the next branding process is to change your brand name too much. Because by changing the brand name, you will make consumers confused and tend to choose to buy products from other similar competitors.

 Inconsistent promotion on social media

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Entering the current all-digital era does not rule out the possibility of developing promotional media through social media. Because today’s society generally depends on their respective social media.

Promotion through social media is currently very popular with business people. However, many of them give up when they don’t already have many followers, likes, or even viewers. If you regularly promote through social media, the chances of success are very high because the coverage area is not limited.

 Emulating the brand of a competitor

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Many people imitate competitors’ brands to ” steal” their consumers. But this makes your brand seem unqualified. Instead of being favored by consumers, imitation brands will be avoided by consumers. So, never imitate other products from competitors.

 Putting aside service to consumers

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Building good service to consumers is also one of the things that can build your corporate identity, by giving a good image to consumers, they will be more touched and most will return to dating and even subscribe.

 Setting a price that is too high

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Maybe some of you think that selling products at high prices will make your income even higher. But this will make your customers date just out of curiosity and when they know the price you are offering is too high, they will turn to your competitor.

So, it would be highly recommended to set a suitable price, neither too expensive nor too cheap. For that, you need to do market price research first before setting the price of your product or service.

Those are some things that are highly discouraged to do in the branding process. The key to the success of branding is how you can take the hearts of your customers so that your brand can be loved by many people. In addition, perseverance is an important key you must undergo in the branding process. Hope it helps.

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