Characters Must Belong to a Designer


If you want to be a good designer, it is a must to have unique design skill. A good designer not only value by his interesting works they create but also has a special character not belongs to other designers. Based on research, there are characters must belong to a designer.

1. Don’t Stop to Learn

A great designer is not allowed to stop trying as a sponge ready to puff all interesting factor and happy to know it. The great designer is never satisfied with his knowledge and hungry for everything he doesn’t know. He is also ready to learn until die.

2. Can Accept Critic and Suggestion

A graphic designer can’t avoid critic and suggestion from others. Even, a designer can’t be great and delivers amazing works without that. Critics sometimes are a complex factor can ruin the spirit to work but it depends on personal. So there is no argument to defensive but respective and open minded.

3. Continue to Discover Inspiration

Every graphic designer has their own way to get inspiration. They always follow the world-trending design and follow the development and consumer’s needs. No matter how great a graphic designer is, he still needs inspiration. Inspirations can be taken from other designer’s work and the internet.

4. Out From Comfort Zone

It’s not a problem to the graphic designer to out from comfort zone. It means ready to learn and explore new lesson outside. Courage is a must to left the comfort zone. Today, so many facilities are offered to a designer to learn everything new.

5. Flexible

Flexibility is one of the important characters must have by a great designer. The great designer must have a personal style and appearance. As a designer, you should think of what clients needed. No matter how good your style, it’s nothing when you can’t obey the request from the client. The point is you should trap in one style one. You must be more flexible and make your style more esthetic.

6. Able to Collaborate

It is important to make relation with other designers. Collaboration is an important value in many aspects and many great designers get success from it. The factor is necessary to work with the team and produce the best working. Besides, you can also learn from others and rise up your career.

7. Nice Manner

As a designer, you should know the manner among one another. The example of bad manner is to steal the others’ work and claimed as yours. Every great designer has their famous by honest and legal effort. They had been spent so much time to design. How sad if their works suddenly were stolen by other designers? With other words, if you want to be a great designer, never steal from the others or duplicate it.

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