Benefits of Websites For Business

Websites have several benefits in general, in private, and for business purposes. For those of you who want to start creating a website for business purposes, here are the benefits that you will get from creating a website :

1. Became Number 1 on Google

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It has become a habit for potential consumers to look for information on products to be purchased through the Google search engine. According to AdWeek research, as many as 81 percent of consumers search for product information first on Google, and then decide on a purchase.

2. Increase Consumer Confidence

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Based on a Verisign survey 65 percent of business owners say that websites make their business more credible or trustworthy. Even 60 percent of business owners revealed, a website is one of the keys to the success of a business. So it is very profitable if your consumer trust can increase by visiting your business website.

3. As a Central Store

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You can use social media as one of the marketing channels to encourage potential consumers on social media to visit online store websites.

For the marketplace, you can use it simply as a branch of your online store website. Because, in the marketplace you only hitchhike or rent a stall from the m, marketplace owner. If there is a problem or policy change in the marketplace, of course, you must follow the regulations of the stall owner.

However, if you create your own website, then the one in full control is yourself, so the risk of loss can be further minimized.

4. Have Email with Your Own Domain

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By creating your business websiCreating your business websiteite domain. So your email address no longer uses a free domain name. In addition to looking professional, by using the company’s email domain, your credibility in the eyes of consumers also increases. In addition, consumers also avoid fraud on behalf of your company.

5. Media for Press Release

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A website can also be used as a press release or a medium for conveying information from your company. On this website, you can publish press releases containing news of company activities, product updates, company events, or articles related to your product. So your company will always look active in the eyes of customers.

In addition to the benefits of the website earlier, there are many other benefits that you will get if you create one. Now creating a website is easier than it was two decades earlier. Anyone can create a website easily, either using a website creation service or independently. Hope that helps.


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