The Method to Learn Design for Beginner

Learning something new is never easy. Like a child who learns to walk, sometimes he falls but doesn’t give up, so he can walk by himself. It also happens when you learn graphic design as a beginner.

1. The Method to Learn Design by Selecting Font and Scale Arrangement

In font selecting, pick a font which comforts to eyes and readable. Using Sans Serif fonts, such as Avenir, Nexa, Brandon Grotesque, can give a modern impression. Don’t forget to see font collections from 20 Modern because it has elegant and readable fonts. Scaling is also an important step to get a good artwork appearance. Use the huge font for title or the main message and use the tiny font (9 to 11 pt) for the content.

2. The Method to Learn Design by Attention to Color, Contrast, and Brightness

For selecting a colour, use a different tone from the same gradient. Play with contrast and creating a beautiful combination from gradient can produce a perfect appearance. Adjust the brightness in order to balance text colour in its appearance.

3. The Method to Learn Design by Keep It Simple

Creating a simple design can be done without changing the basic concept. Use tonal contrast colour combination to make sure the text is sharp and readable. You can add the frame to repair appearance structure composition.

4. The Method to Learn Design by Play with Symmetric Lines

A graphic appearance usually consists of symmetric lines arranged with the other components. Make sure the symmetric line thickness is used properly to letter thickness type.

5. The Method to Learn Design by Empty Space in Appearance

Empty space application in text, photo, and other graphics features makes your work has a beautiful impression. A simple look can be amazing because of addition in a unique and unity composition.

6. The Method to Learn Design by Slow Movement

Creating a design has a relation to patient and diligent. Make your creativity improved without force. If you feel tired, you just take a rest to get a new inspiration.

7. The Method to Learn Design by Creating Moldboard

Creating moldboard collage consists of photo, colour, and the other visual elements can help you get more ideas.

8. The Method to Learn Design by Thinking Out of the Box

If it is possible, make a different artwork is rare and out of the box. Be creative, find the idea and innovation which different from the other designers.

9. The Method to Learn Design by Bring Your Notebook

Wherever you have been, in the train, in the office, or on your bed, try to take your notebook to write and draw. Inspiration can come anytime. So, it is important to write it down before you forget it. You can also draw a sketch to save your ideas.

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