Steps to Make a Blog Animation Banner Advertisement Using CorelDraw and Photoshop


Before we step to the tutorial, we will explain about the advertisement. We should know what is the meaning of the advertisement before applying it. I know that many people already understand it. But I will remind once more. In accordance with the expert’s opinion, advertisement is a kind of non-personal communications which contains paid and persuasive information about product, service, or idea through mass media.

As you understand the meaning of advertisement, I will provide an animation advertisement tutorial for blogs and website.

Tutorial for Making Blog Animation Banner Advertisement Using Corel Draw and Photoshop

Look above! It is an example of finished animation. That is a combination of 4 images into 1. To combine we use Photoshop, while to create images or vectors we use Corel Draw. Before we create an animation, provide 4 images using Corel Draw with measure 254×300. For practising, you can create an image similar to mine. If you get difficulty to create it, you can follow the instruction in this article “cara membuat gambar simpel vektor dengan coreldraw.”

Close your Corel Draw application after finished your artwork and follow these steps:

1. Open Photoshop in your PC. Here, I use Photoshop CS5. All version of Photoshop maybe can be used.

2. Choose File > Script > Load into stack

3. Click browse and search 4 images to proceed. Click OK.

My suggestion, don’t be rush in reading this tutorial. Read carefully, so you can understand it easily.

1. Click Windows menu > animation > OK

2. Next, click animation, and then the animation dialogue box will appear.

3. Click the right up corner and select ‘make frames from layers’.

4. Click file > save for web & devices and press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S.

5. Click Play Animation to try your animation and Save to save your file.

If you already save the file, the animation will be saved in GIF format. You can ask further through the comment box below if you are stuck.

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