Characteristics of a Bad Website

A website is a collection of web pages in a domain or subdomain that can be accessed through a browser. The function of a website is to convey information. Of the many websites that exist, most of them do not meet the criteria for a good website. Good and bad websites are not judged by personal opinion but by visitors from search engines. The following are the characteristics of a bad website that website owners should know:

1. Irregular Website Design

Sometimes some websites look too lively. However, website owners find it good and will amaze you. Even though the tastes of website owners and visitors are not necessarily the same. Another example, the website does not focus on a particular theme. As a result, on one page there is a colour selection, and placement of text, paragraphs, and images that do not match.

2. Slow Access Speed ​​And Large Size

Websites that take a long time to open will bore visitors. Generally, the main cause is the image size is too large, too many elements such as flash and sound, as well as a lot of high-resolution graphics or java scripts.

3. Not Supporting All Types of Devices

Not all website visitors open websites via PCs or laptops, even now most use mobile devices, especially smartphones. Sometimes there are websites that when opened using a smartphone the writing is small and must be zoomed in. This indicates that the website is not good for mobile devices.

4. Not Compatible With Various Browsers

Sometimes some websites are opened with google chrome good, but when opened with other browsers are bad. This causes website visitors who use other browsers to leave the website without reading the content first.

5. Too Many Ads

Web content and blogs can make money from advertising. However, most website owners add too many ads so that visitors can’t tell the difference between content and ads. A good website has only one or two advertisements placed on the website.

6. Poor Navigation

Not all websites that have an attractive design can make visitors feel at home on their website. but sometimes website navigation is so bad that it causes visitors to quickly leave the website. For example, a website without clear links or has so many items that it is difficult to decide where to go.

7. Typing Wrong

Typing and grammatical errors are the most conspicuous in the content of the website. Indeed, nothing is perfect but it never hurts to take an approach in this regard. For example, research before posting or hire a professional editor to research it.

8. Server Hosting Problems and No Security System

When the website server is often down and the security system is very bad it can cause big losses for website owners. The worst impact is if visitors cannot open the website content and all website data is lost due to hacker attacks.

A bad website for visitors is bad for Google. So, don’t expect to get a lot of results and benefits from websites that are categorized as bad. I hope this helps.

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