Characteristics of a Good Website

According to CNET/Builder there are 7 criteria that determine a website including a good website or not, namely :

1. Usability

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Usability is how a user finds a way to use the website effectively (doing things right). Still according to Jacob, usability has 5 characteristics:

– Easy to learn;

– Efficient to use;

– Easy to remember;

– Error frequency rate;

– User satisfaction leveli;

2. Navigation system

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A good website is a website that has navigation that is easy for visitors to understand as a whole. So that your website visitors are not confused with the menus on your website.

3. Graphic Design

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In addition to good navigation settings, layout settings from the selection of graphics, layouts, colors, shapes and visually appealing typography are also very important to attract visitors to explore the website.

4. Content


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Content content is the most important thing in website creation. Create interesting content but must contain useful content unless the website is an experimental/show off website.

5. Compatibility

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Compatibility is the ability or flexibility of a website, web application, script, or HTML design to work on the various web browsers available in the market.

6. Loading time

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The time to call (loading time), although there are many factors that will affect the time to call (loading time) of the website that we will open, including: the amount of bandwidth / connection of the accessor, the condition of the webserver when accessed, the application used in building the website, etc. You have the first 8 seconds to convince the visitor to continue browsing your website or close the browser and go to another website. Therefore, put ‘something’ in those first 8 seconds that can attract the attention of visitors.

7. Functionality

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Functionality is how you create a dynamic, interactive and ‘lively’ website that can invite visitors to communicate directly. How well a website works from its technological aspect.

Those are some of the characteristics of a good website. From the characteristics above, it may be possible as a reference to make a good website appearance, hopefully it helps.

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