Designers can not only use graphic design applications

Many of us have subconsciously misinterpreted the essence of graphic design. The essence of graphic design is a creative idea created from the thought of someone who is commonly referred to as a designer. A designer is not only those who use graphic design applications such as CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, or InDesign only but rather the overall process of creating a work. Many designers do not use graphic design software whose work is worth billions of rupiah.

Purpose Is More Important Than Taste and Aesthetics

Graphic design is not pure art that only attaches importance to its aesthetic function, but rather what is the purpose of creating the graphic design. Usually, work has its message that designers want to channel to connoisseurs of their work, and objectivity is the main reference for conveying this goal.

It Takes Time To Work On A Concept

The process of creating a design may not take much time for a graphic designer, but in that thinking about concepts, analysis, and visual strategies is quite time-consuming. Maybe indeed every work and each designer needs a different act, but usually, the process is longer because the designer has to prepare it carefully to produce work that truly satisfies the client.

Why Do Your Design Prices Tend to Be Cheap?

To enter the world of graphic design is indeed easy and it causes a phenomenon in the name of many beginners who claim to be designers even though their work is not qualified. Becoming a professional graphic designer requires time and serious and diligent effort.

For that, we need to be “self-aware” of our capacities and abilities in the world of graphic design. However, don’t set the price below your standard, because the price of work also indirectly affects the designer’s self-esteem. Because if you set a price that suits your work, indirectly you have also appreciated yourself.


Finally, if you are a beginner designer, don’t give up easily and continue to hone your design skills. Hope it helps.

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