Differences Between Vector and Bitmap

For everyone who used to work with graphic design, bitmap and vector are not unusual terms. Usually, both terms are used to differentiate an image. Bitmap and vector are sometimes hard to differ. Meanwhile, both terms have their advantages and disadvantages.

Definition of Bitmap and Vector

a. Bitmap

Bitmap consists of pixels and every pixel has a special colour that builds an image. So, tighter pixels will result in a better image. Otherwise, if the image is zoomed in, it will seem cracked. Examples of bitmap file are .bmp, .jpg, and .gif.

b. Vector

Vector is made from tracks where every point has a mathematical count that limits the track. Different from bitmap, the size of the vector file is smaller while if its size is changed, its quality is constant. Examples of are .wmf, swf, cdr, and .ai.

Differences Between Bitmap and Vector

1. Pixel vs Line

Bitmap is an image built from pixels. Pixel is a group of small squares that has color. This arrangement will build a digital image. In this case, bitmap has an advantage. Every pixel can represent color, so the image can be more realistic. On the other hand, vector is a group of mathematical lines that build from tracks. The curved and arranged lines finally become an image.

2. Size

Zoom in a bitmap image can make it cracked. While for vector images, zoom in will not affect its quality. This is an advantage of vector.

3. Change Colour

Changing bitmap colour is more difficult than vector because every pixel has its colour and does not have guidelines. Otherwise, changing vector colour is easier because it has guidelines in every shape.

4. Usage

Bitmap can be applied in photography and image editing by mixing colour. Meanwhile, vector can be applied in logo, illustration, and technical drawing processes.

5. File Size

Bitmap file size is bigger than vector.

6. Conversion

Converting image into vector, bitmap needs a longer time. It is different from vector that easier to be converted into bitmap.

7. Forms of File

Forms of bitmap file for example; .jpg, .gif, .png, .tiff atau .tif, .psd, while vector file are; .ps, .eps, .svg, .ai, .cdr.

Forms of Bitmap File

– .jpg (Join Photographic Experts Group)

– .gif (GIF Transparent File)

– .png (Portable Network Graphic Transparent File)

– .tiff or .tif (Tag Interleave Format)

– .psd (Photoshop Document)

Forms of Vector File

– .ps (Adobe PostScript)

– .eps (Encapsulated PostScript)

– .svf (Simple Vector Format)

– .ai (Adobe Illustrator)

– .cdr (Corel Draw)

– .svg (Scalable Vector Graphic)

8. Software You May Use

To create bitmap images, you can use Adobe Photoshop, Paint (an original application from Windows), GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint, and Adobe Photo Deluxe. Meanwhile, for vector you can use Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, Firework, Freehand, Canvas 8, Xara X1, Zoner Draw, and Creature House Expression.

Conclusion of Bitmap vs Vector

Both graphics have advantages and disadvantages. But, both graphics can be applied to produce good graphic design. Both also have different usage. So, if you use it, you should consider your need and purpose.

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