Make a Simple Logo Like a Pro

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The logo is very important to company, organization, or brand to show their identity. Because of that, a logo must be designed by a professional. So, a logo can remind everyone that sees a product or company. No surprise that big company like Nike and Pepsi just make a simple logo in order to make brand awareness.

To produce a minimalist logo isn’t easy, but you can do that like professional by some special tricks. Before, you should know the purpose of a logo and what messages to deliver. The logo might be reflecting a brand or company by its shape, pattern, colour, and image.

After you found the purpose and message inside, try to make an effective logo by these basic principals:

  • Unique, easy to remember and recognize.
  • Has simple looks but representative to product or company.
  • Longer lasting, which means the logo can be used for 10 or 20 years later.
  • Can be applied for any kinds of media and application.

To make an amazing minimalist logo, you can practice all these tips.

  1. Using Geometric Shape

The geometric shape has special meanings that can make people pay their attention. For example, square picturing to balance, the circle can represent harmony and freedom, and triangle can reflect stability.

  1. Apply Neutral Colors

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Colour selection can affect your logo’s simplicity. By applying neutral colour in your logo, it looks contrast. You can look at the Facebook logo that has a neutral colour (white) inside, also Gameloft logo that has black as a background colour.

As you choose black or white to colouring an element, you can also use other effect and accessory in your logo.

  1. Don’t Put Too Many Ornaments

Your logo must not have too many ornaments to make it easy to remember. Although you have many inspirations to add a lot of accessories, remember that your purpose is to make a simple logo.

Don’t ruin your minimalist concept by adding more complicated elements there. To make sure that your logo is really simple, try to draw it on a piece of paper. If you could do that by a line, it’s mean your logo is minimalist already.

  1. Using Squiggle

Squiggle is a technique to design logo by drawing a curved line to make a shape. That shape can be a compliment to a logo or be that logo itself with a company or brand name beside it. You can make everything based on your creativity. You can find squiggle in Ford and Walt Disney logo.

  1. Logotype Technique

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The logotype is a text or type-based logos, like Google, Pinterest, and Coca Cola. Logotypes design is easy to recognize because of company or brand name include in it. Besides logotype, we also have logogram, simple symbol that represents a company or brand. Companies that use logogram in their logo are Apple, Shell, and Twitter.

That’s all basic principals and tips to make a simple logo. By using these tips, you can make a simple logo that also effective and interesting. Do many practices to make the perfect simple logo. Keep trying.

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