Must Anticipated Graphic Design Trend 2019

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Graphic design trend 2019 has been predicted since the last quarter of 2018 by design experts. According to trend in 2018 that showed the amazing graphics on the web, printed design, editorial, and package, they have been anticipating a new trend this year.

In 2019, there are some trends that might have high popularity such as open composition, 3D, antigravity, vivid colour, metallic effect, outline typography, maxi typography, text with the background, alternative arts, and realism.

These are reviews of some trends that could be your inspiration.

1. Open Composition

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First graphic design trend prediction in 2019 is open composition. A few years ago, the frame in every design is commonly used by designers to the made final touch. But, lately, there is a tendency to make an open composition that showed every part of pictures. In 2019, the frame would be disappeared from design and art in order to make it limitless.

The designer could play with composition and make several parts from whole designed art opened. This trend can be applied easily on web design, but not impossible to use on printed design.

2. Pictures with 3D Touch

3D would apply in many graphic designs in 2019. 3D was proved stable enough and persistence to apply on design for a few years later. Luckily, now technology can supporting designer to produce many interesting 3D arts.

3D will be a new trend on web design, this year. Besides that, 3D can often appear in open composition that gives a futuristic effect to the arts. 3D also can insert into typography as a design element. Even by using 3D typography itself, a graphic designer can be able to make more attractive creations.

3. Flying and Floating Object (Antigravity)

Flying and floating objects would be one of a graphic design trend in 2019. Antigravity idea is a picture of freedom of thinking. Floating object element could be combined to open composition to make a new concept, so the object seems like floating out of the screen.

Antigravity designs also appear at package design and make different sense on the product. Everyone that sees it might catch futuristic sense on the product package.

4. Vivid Color Application

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Vivid colour combination, colour transition, and gradients will be a trend in 2019. Those colours could give a futuristic impression that different from trends before. Vivid and futuristic colours can make a dazzling effect. Many graphic designers combine 3D visual technique with a colour transition to produce a stronger effect. 3D technique and vivid colour transition also can make more interesting sense if combined with typography art.

5. Objects with Sparkling Effect

According to the prediction, gold will be one of a colour element in graphic design trend 2019. You may combine gold and silver with a metal element, 3D design, and a specific composition to make an exclusive design.

Combination of a metal element and colour effect can produce trendy colour at the object. A metallic element, especially gold and colour combination could often appear on package design in 2019.

Those are the graphic design tren 2019 that could be your reference to make your work more appreciated.

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