Fields of Work that Require Freelancer Services

Freelancers are workers that are not bound by a long-term contract but still have a strong working bond with the company. In the digital era today, the opportunity to become a freelancer is increasingly wide open. If you don’t want to work in an office, working without being bound by time and earning extra income as a freelancer might be the right choice. Now there are many fields of work that require the services of freelancers, see the following explanation:

1. IT (Information and Technology)

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IT is a field of work related to computers, both software and network developers. In the IT field, there are opportunities to become freelance programmers, web developers, IT consultants and others. To be a successful freelancer in the IT field, you must be an expert in programming languages, know how to code, and always be up-to-date with information about technology.

2. Writing

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The author is a creative actor who creates written work in the form of fiction (novels, short stories, poetry) and non-fiction (scientific works, papers, journals, articles). Many companies need content writers, copywriters or editors with freelance status. If you like reading and writing, then this field is suitable for you.

3. Education

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Education is the process of changing the attitudes and behaviour of a person or group of people to mature human beings through teaching and training efforts. Now many companies are looking for teachers, tutors, trainers or consultants for companies both as permanent employees and freelancers. To work in the field of education, the skills that must be possessed are teaching and mastering a specific field.

4. Language and Translation

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A translator is someone who masters several foreign languages ​​to convert them from one language to another, both orally and in writing. Some companies require the services of translators to translate texts and interpreters to assist in meetings with foreigners. To work in this field, make sure you have a good command of English and expand your knowledge by studying other foreign languages.

5. Finance

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Finance is a term for matters relating to the management, creation and study of money and investments. Some jobs in finance are business analyst, accountant, auditor and others. This field of work is always needed by a business or company.

6. Creative

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Creative workers are people who work in creative industries. Many jobs can be done on a freelance basis in creative industries such as graphic designers, photography and others. Companies usually need a photographer, videographer, editor or art director for a particular project.

7. Customer Service

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Customer service is an activity that is intended or intended to provide satisfaction to customers. In the past, customer service jobs were full-time positions. However, more and more companies are now looking for freelancers to fulfil their customer service needs. To be good customer service, you must have good communication skills, fast typing, patience, and the ability to speak foreign languages.


There are many advantages to being a freelancer. Even though you are a freelancer, you still have to take it seriously to get a decent income. So, which field to choose?

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