Freelancers’ Life Facts You Should Know

Not everyone has to work in an office or become a civil servant. There are still many jobs that can be done, one of which is as a freelancer. However, being a freelancer is not easy. Here are the facts of freelance life that you must know:

1. Work From Anywhere

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A freelancer has the freedom to work. They do not need to obey all the boss’ wishes because the boss is themself. As long as the work can be done well, they are free to work from anywhere and have the opportunity to get projects or jobs from anywhere.

2. More Flexible Working Hours

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Flexibility means having a commitment to adapting to conditions in all places and situations. With this flexible time, freelancers are free to set their own time to work and when to rest. The important thing is that the work can be completed on time and according to the client’s wishes.

3. Feeling Lonely Because You Don’t Have Coworkers

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A freelancer doesn’t have to meet annoying people, such as coworkers who seek face from their superiors. However, that does not mean everything will run smoothly. The absence of interaction with co-workers sometimes causes feelings of loneliness and boredom.

4. Unbound by Rules

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The advantage of being a freelancer is that there are no binding rules. For example, you can determine the project price, processing time, and the number of clients. So, if you want to increase your income, you can increase the number of clients within a certain time. On the other hand, you can take a vacation to refresh as you wish without the need for other people’s approval.

5. Discipline to Get Hired and Paid

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Discipline is needed in all fields, including freelancers. A freelancer must also have good time management and get rid of the habit of procrastinating.

6. Opportunity to Earn Big Income

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A freelancer will be paid according to his field and expertise. The higher the skill required, the greater the fee you will get. Not only that, the more projects that are done, the greater the opportunity to earn income.

7. Non-Fixed Income

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Although the income of freelancers is huge, the income can change every month. It could be higher or lower. This is because freelancer work is highly dependent on the number of clients and the quality of the project. Therefore, the financial condition of freelancers is less stable than contract workers.

8. Rejection Is Common

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This is very common in the freelance world because you have to compete with other freelancers. To avoid rejection, you must be smart and show the quality of the project to potential clients.

9. Support for Self Employment Facilities

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A freelancer must be willing to spend capital as an investment facility. For example, laptops, computers, internet connections, work desks, work chairs, and certain paid software for projects.

10. Communication

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Not only by doubting the ability, then prospective clients refuse. But sometimes the way to communicate is not good or misunderstands the request of a prospective client, resulting in miscommunication.

11. Need to Manage Insurance Independently

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Insurance is a form of agreement between the insured and the insurer. The insured will have to pay dues to the insurer. The goal is to obtain compensation for financial risks that may occur. Health insurance and work accident are mandatory for every worker. However, for freelancers, insurance administration matters must be done independently, starting from choosing the right insurance and paying every month.

12. Build Confidence

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If you are aware of and correct your shortcomings, your skills will gradually be honed. Likewise, self-confidence will increase. High self-confidence is the main capital to make offers and convince potential clients.

13. Able to Learn Many Things

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Good or bad experiences always teach many things. When rejected, you must learn to be patient, while when you are accepted, you must always be grateful.


Those are some facts to consider before deciding to become a freelancer. Whatever the job, make sure you are responsible for doing it.

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