Functions of Graphic Design

Graphic design is a communication process using visual elements such as text, shapes, and images to create a perception of a message to be conveyed. Currently, graphic design appears as a technological development that is not only useful for design creators. But also as a medium to improve skills and talents and skills. Graphic design is also useful for society at large in various ways and interests. Here are some functions of graphic design that you need to know:

1. As a Media of Information and Communication

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Information is a collection of data or facts that are managed into something useful for the recipient. Meanwhile, communication is a process consisting of a person or several people, groups, organizations, and communities creating and using information. The graphic design function itself is very important as a medium of information and communication. For example, it is used to make banners, slogans, pictures, and text for information.

2. As a Promotional Media

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Promotion is an action to inform, disseminate, influence, offer, and invite people to become customers of the product of a brand. Currently, many companies are using graphic design to promote their products. As in making advertisements in the form of moving images or still images.

3. As an Art Appreciation Media

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Art appreciation is an activity in observing, assessing, and appreciating a work of art. Graphic design is also a medium of art appreciation because making graphic designs uses art. To better appreciate art and creativity, there are now many graphic design competitions that can show generations of creative graphic designers.

4. As a Hobbyist and Earning Income

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A hobby is an activity that is carried out continuously and is liked. Graphic design can also be used to channel hobbies and earn income. Currently, the need for graphic design is increasing because many commercial fields require graphic design.

5. As an Aesthetic Value Adder

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Aesthetics is a science that discusses beauty and how to feel it. Graphic design can also add value to the beauty of an image. Before there was graphic design, the resulting image was more monotonous and if you wanted to make an image with a more difficult level it would take a long time.



That’s the function of graphic design that needs to be known. Hopefully, it is useful and can increase your knowledge.

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