Get to Know Artifical Intelligence More Closely  

Artifical Intelligence or commonly known as AI is a field of computer science devoted to solving cognitive problems that are generally related to human intelligence, such as learning, problem solving, and pattern recognition.

There are 3 types of Artificial Intelligence that you should know :

1. Symbol-Manipulating AI

Symbol-Manipulating AI works to produce abstract symbols that can be read by users or developers. This type of AI will manipulate abstract symbols to produce a logical conclusion. The link is abstract and the result of the conclusion is logical.

2. Neural AI

Neural AI was known as the most popular type of AI among computer researchers in the late 80s. Neural AI is capable of presenting knowledge to artificial neurans and their connections like a reconstructed brain.

3. Neural Networks

The last type of AI is Neural Networks. In Neural Networks, there are layers connected to each other with the uppermost layer acting as sensors. This sensor will receive information and proceed to the system.

In addition to its types, Artifical Intelligence also has several types, namely :

1. Self Awareness

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Self-awareness means that the artificial intelligence system already has awareness of itself so that this artificial intelligence is the highest level. The machine can understand the surroundings and collect data and infer what others feel. However, to date no machine or intelligence has been able to achieve this.

2. Theory of Mind


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The next type of Artifical Intelligence is the theory of mind. Similar to self-awareness, the type of mind theory also does not exist until now, because in this type of machines will collect data from their interactions with humans to form emotional intelligence and remember a person’s emotions and behavior, even make decisions appropriately like humans.

3. Limited Memory

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In this type, artificial intelligence is able to use its memories and past experiences and inform future decisions, but the data obtained is not stored permanently. This technology is usually found in cars that have implemented self-driving.

4. Reaktive Machine

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Reactive Machine is the basic type of AI where this machine will automatically respond and identify the situation appropriately and accurately at any time. This type is usually applied to Deep Blue chess games.

5. Artifical Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

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ANI has a way of working that focuses on working on certain things automatically using human-like capabilities, but the capabilities of this type of AI are quite limited to what has been programmed, in other words, ANI does not have the ability to determine its own actions.

6. Artifical Super Intelligence (ASI)

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Created from the combination of previous Artifical Intelligence types that have been refined to make breast milk the most superior type of intelligence because breast milk has a larger memory capacity and if this type is created, it will be very risky and become a threat to mankind itself.

7. Artifical General Intelligence (AGI)

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This type focuses more on the ability of AI systems to learn, see, understand, and have a fairly complete function like humans. The system is built with diverse competencies and connected to various domains. That way, AI capabilities can replicate the multifunctional capabilities of humans.

and those are some of the things related to Artifical Intelligence. The development of technology should be grateful and followed, but we must still be in control and used for positive things so that later it does not turn into a threat to mankind. Hope it helps.

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