Graphic Design Trends in 2022

Dear graphic designers, to produce a trendy and amazing design in 2022, you should know what is the most booming design types this year. For increasing your skill and being able to compete with other designers, it is time to catch the newest information in the graphic design world. Therefore, please kindly read this article that talks about graphic design trends until finished.

1. Back to 90s

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People begin to be interested in everything related to nostalgia, from film, cartoons, food, to games. In 2022, the retro theme from the 90s is predicted popular again. For example, Memphis pattern (80s design with attractive colours, geometric pattern, and seems eye-catching), simple emojis, and primitive frames.

Here are some characteristics of the graphic design style:

a. Attractive Colours

90s era is identical with yellow, purple, green, and light pink.

b. Abstract Shape

90s’ design usually brings unique geometrical shapes.

c. Use Pattern

You must be familiar with the Polkadot pattern. In the 90s, the Polkadot is one of the popular patterns. Besides Polkadot, 90s design is also identic with other patterns application.

d. Typography

Attracting fonts were popular in the 90s. The fonts look relaxing and enjoyable.

2. Muted Colours Selection

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Despite bright colours in the 90s visual trend, muted colours are also becoming a graphic design trend in 2022. Muted colours are light and bright colours combined with black or white. The colours are suitable for brands who want to show professional looks in their design.

3. Colourful Minimalism

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Colourful minimalism is a minimalist and colourful design concept. This graphic design trend will be more popular in 2022.

4. Expressive and Experimental Lettering

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Lettering is a drawing letter using more than one stroke. So, you can create your style without limit. Just pick your favourite style and do not focus on a certain font design. This design style might be a popular design in 2022.

5. Escapism

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Escapism is an act to escape from reality and avoid difficulty, especially to face the unfinished problem. The graphic design style is a result of everything we face during pandemics and feel have to run from reality. Escapism objects are inspired by reality, especially nature. A combination of objects is arranged to be a new fantasy world.

6. Antidesign

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Antidesign is a visual style that avoids traditional design principles and is against its design principle. It means designers can create everything they want in their worksheets. But, antidesign is not identic with a brutality that breaks aesthetic principles and traditional design.

7. Combination of 2D and 3D

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This graphic design style brings the unlimited possibility for designers. Nowadays, hyper-realistic 3D visual design removes the limit between physical and digital, so that the creative combination of 2D elements and paper cut begin popularly. This design trend can be applied to various formats, like illustration, animation, web design, and typography.

8. Social Slide Deck

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Social Slide Deck is a document for presentation. But, the document is designed to share on social media. A document like a company profile, post resume in a blog, and other content can be designed as Social Slide Deck. So, the contents can be more shareable with the audience.

9. Inclusive Design

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Inclusive design is a design that produces facilities and products for everyone without age, physical, or gender limits. For example, the poster design above. In the poster, you can see many people from various backgrounds in an office. A disabled, a woman with hijab, a brown-skinned woman, and soon.

10. 3D Character

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3D character design is an adaptation of 2D, holographic, candy colour, and many others design concepts. This design often appears in application icons, web design, and design for marketing like banners, posters, etc.

11. Frasurbane

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Frasurbane is a design style that brings 90s taste back from the youth generation. This design uses font Serif, smooth colours, and design elements from a peaceful place.

12. Grunge Revival

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Grunge Revival is a design style from the 90s era that has bold characteristics with stroke texture, shadow, and soon. Its design descent energy and looks energetic. This design can be applied in font designing, typography design, and posters.

13. Art Deco

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Art Deco is a design style created from various elements and shapes like symmetric, geometric, and simple art but aesthetic. Graphic designers find a creative way to bring this decorative art and architecture movement into digital. Art Deco is also applied in some art products like posters, illustrations, name cards, furniture, and website.

14. Psychedelic

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Psychedelic is a design style 60s that have an energic and cheerful soul. This style is not only applied in music posters, but also applied in animation design, gif, and abstract illustration.

15. Bubble Design

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Bubble Design has dazzled effect on the eye when you see it. This design style gives a friendly and cheerful taste although looks childish. This design can be better if combined with transparent and light colours, so it will look more mature. The design style can be applied in projects like posters, banners, typography, and logo design.

16. Font with Twist

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Squid Game, a popular Korean drama serial also affect graphic design. Visual arts in this serial show simple easy to remember basic shapes like circles, triangles, and squares. This serial also introduces an unusual, imperfect, consists twist but beautiful typography trend.

17. Ukiyo-e

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Ukiyo-e is a name of wood carving technique that develops in the Edo era in Japan. This technique was applied to duplicate landscape, nature, and daily life painting in society. In 2022, designers can take inspiration from flat design pioneers, especially Ukiyo-e artists from the Edo era in Japan.

18. Doodle

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Doodle is a drawing style using streak technique that sometimes its result seems like do not have a certain shape but looks attractive and unique. Doodle style design can connect between human touch and digital tools to create contiguously designs, so this style still is interested in 2022.

19. Y2K

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Y2K stands for Year 2 Kilo, which means a date count mistake on the computer system. Many advertising materials try to develop a design that is inspired by Y2K. This design is fulfilled with low poly CGI, pink bubble gum, blue, and colours related to colours that are often found on the rear side of the CD. This design is also closely to cyberpunk, but lighter, smooth, and content nostalgic.

Whatever design style you are interested in, you should focus on your purpose. Furthermore, if you want a design that is different from the graphic design styles presented above. Remember! Idealism is very important to a graphic designer, so we can give design suggestions to our clients.

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