Here are the advantages you get from a company blog

Blogs are a multifunctional online media that has recently become increasingly popular, this is evidenced by a large number of blog readers turned out to reach 77% of internet users and 94% of people who blog because they feel it will help others.

In addition to daily life, blogs are also very influential in your company. What are the benefits? Here are the benefits that your company gets from a blog.

Understanding Blogs

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A blog is an online-based media that provides content in the form of articles, videos, and photos managed by a blogger or even several authors at once.

The topic content of a blog content usually focuses on a specific field. It can be a lifestyle, finance, health, technology, culinary, and so on.

In addition to personal blogs, there are also business blogs that contain branding content, publications, and also product promotions.

Difference between Website and Blog

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Many mistakenly think that blogs and websites are the same , things, but blogs and websites are different things. Here are the differences.


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A website is a collection of online pages that can be accessed using the internet through a specific domain address. Usually, websites contain various information about products or services.

Usually, the content does not need to be updated too often.

A website is more often owned by organizations, schools, institutions, online stores, businesses, and the like.


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Unlike websites, blogs are a type of website that usually contains an article that discusses an opinion, science and even an experience.

Blog content is usually updated by the owner rather than the website. Because the content or content of a blog determines its success or failure of the blog.

Benefits of Blogs for Companies

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In addition to individuals, blog opportunities that can be useful for your company are also quite large. Here are some possible benefits that you will get from a company blog.

Blogs Can Build Branding

With the rapid development of blogs, nowadays many use blogs as a means of building their branding. With the blog function, the desired branding will be easier to achieve. So, don’t underestimate the existence of a blog on a website.

And because of their flexible nature, blogs can help improve your branding by providing articles related to your product or service, answering questions from consumers, attracting potential customers, and establishing communication with consumers.

As Content Marketing

In addition to branding, blogs are also useful for running content marketing. You can fill your blog with informative articles so that your blog visitors can feel the benefits of your blog.

If you regularly update your blog, then your website visitors will also experience an increase. And that way, you can insert content marketing from each of your blogs.

Increase Sales

With the increase in visits to your blog, more opportunities will open for your business to be known by many people, and automatically your sales are also likely to increase. Especially for those of you who sell products or services.

Those are some of the benefits that you can get when you have a company blog. Staying painstaking and always presenting new and fresh topics is the key to success for your blog. Hope it helps.

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