How to Create a Brand Name

In creating a product, the brand name is the most important part you should consider. The name of a brand is very influential on all aspects of the continuity of your business. Because many people will consider the brand name first before buying a product.

For your brand name to attract consumers’ attention, here are tips that many world-famous brand owners do.

Determine a Unique and Short Brand Name

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We recommend that you determine a unique and short brand name so that it is easy for consumers to remember. It is also very influential to attract the attention of customers. Ideally a brand takes no more than 3 words. But if you are still going to make the brand name more than 3 words, you must make sure that the name is easy for customers to remember.

Different from Others

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Before determining the brand name, it’s a good idea to do some research first so that the brand name you decide later is not similar to other brands. Because you could be accused of plagiarism against other products that can smear your company name.

Easy to Hear and Speak

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To make consumers remember more, you must make sure your brand name is easy to hear and say. Complicated word selection will make your brand difficult to remember and even known to many people.

Has a Positive Meaning

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As a corporate identity, a brand should have a positive meaning because this positive meaning represents expectations for your business journey.

You can use words from local or foreign languages that are easy to remember and pronounce and have a positive meaning.

Your Product Overview

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Then you can determine the name of your product or brand name that can calculate the identity of the brand or product. Why? Because the brand is actually a reflection or image of the product itself.

Providing a name that can reflect a product will also facilitate the branding process later.

Don’t Use Complicated Abbreviations

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Many big brands use abbreviations as their brand names, for example, such as IKEA, JBL, H&M, DHL, and so on. These abbreviations are certainly easy to remember and simple, right? You can use memorable abbreviations like those brands.

But using abbreviations on the brand is also a non-mandatory option for you. So you can choose whether to use abbreviations or not. But if you are a pioneer of a company, product abbreviations like this are not recommended.

Those are some tips for determining a good brand name. It can be concluded that the process of creating a brand name is actually not too complicated and even tends to be easy. Look for a good name reference for your brand. Hope it helps.

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