How to Get Clients for Freelancers

Freelancers or freelancers are jobs that are not bound by a long-term contract but still have a strong working bond with the company. The contract given usually only contains the project, design, processing time, and fee. For freelancers, getting clients requires the right way and strategy because getting clients is not easy. Moreover, here’s how to get clients for freelancers:

1. Use Freelancer Sites

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Freelancer sites are a collection of content consisting of several pages grouped under the same domain. Currently, there are many freelancer sites that can be used to find clients. Such as Upwork, Sribulancer, Freelancer Indonesia, and others. The only way is to create an account on one of the selected freelancer sites. Then fill in your data completely. Also, make sure to put your portfolio neatly to attract the attention of clients. After that, just wait for news from clients who want to use the services.

2. Promote Yourself

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Self-promotion is a communication activity carried out to introduce or offer services to attract potential consumers to use these services. Self-promotion can be done by word of mouth, and also notify related work such as drawings, writings, videos and others. This method is said to be the best because people who know will recommend the work that is promoted to one of the clients.

3. Maximize Social Media

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Social media is a digital platform that facilitates users to socialize with others and communicate or share content in writing, photos and videos. Social media is also very important to be maximized by freelancers to build networking. The way to maximize social media is to follow agencies or people who often need freelancer services. But it should also be seen beforehand if the agency or client is right for the job. For example, a freelance designer, then look for an agency or client related to this.

4. Improve Quality

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Quality is the level of good or bad or the degree of something. To attract clients, make high-quality work ever made for samples. This can be taken into consideration by the client to use the service, even though no client has ever used it.

5. Visiting Coworking Space

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A coworking space is a place where individuals who have work or business backgrounds work in one place. There’s nothing wrong with visiting a coworking space once in a while to get some work done there since there must be a lot of freelancers working or agencies holding meetings. From there, you will definitely find a lot of networking that can be profitable in pursuing a career in the future.

6. Keep Existing Clients

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A client is someone who uses the services of a particular organization. An easy way to find clients for freelancers is to retain clients who have worked before by maximizing their work and doing their best on deadlines. That way the client is satisfied with the work so that in the future they will continue to use the service.

7. Become a Speaker or Online Course Mentor

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A speaker is someone who is trusted to convey something, news or information in public. While the Mentor is a wise person, who can act as a counsellor or teacher who can be trusted to assist the mentee. If you get the opportunity to be a speaker at a certain event. Take advantage of it as much as possible to attract clients. If not, you can also become a mentor or teacher for online courses.

8. Collect Some Client Testimonials

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Testimonials are a form of statement or message from a client regarding his experience in transacting with sellers in terms of service, quality of goods or services. Freelancers should ask their clients to provide testimonials about how good the service, quality or results of their services are. This is the best way to expand a private network.

9. Offer Free Design Assistance

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Offer free services to help your business move. This method can be said to have no risk, but it is a sneaky way to take advantage.

10. Writing a Blog

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A blog is a digital platform where an author or a group of writers share their views and opinions on a particular subject. Blogs are referred to as online journals, where this information website will be displayed in reverse chronological order i.e. the most recent posts will appear first at the top. Blogging can also convey a passion for the subject and work of freelancers.

11. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing websites to get high rankings on Google or other search engines. The organic search is carried out by the user or when entering search keywords (keywords) in the browser and Google search engine. It can also be used to get clients by entering the keywords or keywords they are looking for, the content will appear at the top.

12. Writing an E-Book

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An e-book is a digital or electronic book which usually contains information, guides or tutorials. Electronic books can be opened and read through electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. By writing an e-book, you can show a freelancer who is a professional in the subject area you master. And if you want to get more benefits, then you can give the e-book for free.

13. Provide Appropriate Rates

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Installing or accepting clients with exorbitant rates is a matter of concern. High tariffs are often directly proportional to high expectations. So, make sure to meet all client expectations both in terms of quality and quantity. Not only should the work with the client go well, but anything else also is a good track record for getting clients on the next project.


That’s how to get clients for freelancers. Hopefully can help.

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