Jobs with Great Opportunities in the Future

We both know that the times continue to increase today in all aspects of life. Starting from education to work. Future jobs will certainly be slightly different from the current job variations. Maybe there will be new jobs and old jobs will be lost. To develop your career opportunities in the future, consider the types of jobs that are likely to be needed in the future below.

1. Data analysts and scientists

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Based on a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) entitled “Forecasts of Labour Market Evolution in 2020-2025”, the first professions that will be needed in the future are data analysts and data scientists.

The role of data analysts is to process, analyze, and visualize the available data to make it easier to understand and responsible for explaining the results of the data analysis to the company or other parties in need.

And data scientists are responsible for data processing, planning, and data identification for use by data analysts. Then the resulting data products will be used by the company to determine the right steps forward.

2. AI and machine learning specialist

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In detail, AI Specialist is a person who is responsible for building and optimizing the process of applying AI to a company system. AI Specialists need to master several programming languages such as Python, R, Java, and C ++ to build AI models on the system.

Meanwhile, machine learning specialists are tasked with designing and developing machine learning and deep learning systems. ยท Run machine learning tests and experiments. Implement appropriate Machine Learning algorithms.

3. Big data specialists

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Similar to the previous types of work related to data processing, big data specialist is a process that covers several fields related to data, such as data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, data architect, and database administrator. This profession will be needed in the future because the skill of processing large amounts of data (big data) must be done by a professional.

4. Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialist

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Technological developments have also penetrated the world of advertising, where currently advertising is developing from conventional advertising to advertising that can be displayed via the Internet. Well, digital marketing is tasked with determining an effective marketing strategy by identifying the target market and creating company branding on digital platforms. A digital marketing specialist is usually tasked with designing content strategies for promotion on social media, websites, and other digital media.

5. Process automation specialist

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A process automation specialist has the task of creating a system. This work will minimize the use of manual labor or human resources and replace it with a robotic system so that it will facilitate human work. With the creation of this new system, companies can run repetitive work automatically, to minimize the occurrence of human error.

Those are some of the professional opportunities that exist in the future. So, have you determined what job is suitable for you? Before jumping into the profession of your choice, it’s good to continue to hone your skills as best as possible because the competition will be tighter. Hope it helps.

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