Career Level of a Graphic Designer

Like other occupation, a graphic designer also has many levels of career. It is not a formal career level but can be a simple illustration.


In the starting level, a graphic designer has not to get fix earnings yet. It is because they have not got the fix position whether an employer or seller. They also still look for a suitable job.


In beginner level, designers have their first earning but not stable yet. They begin to interact with their first job. In this level, designers are still clumsy and rigid. They still often make mistakes during their adapting phase about 6 months to a year. 


In the intermediate level, designers have enough experience in working. They have been used to handle their job, adept, and have the fix earning. They also have been understood their job process and able to work as a team member. Designers can be called intermediate if they work as a designer for 3 to 4 years.


In advance level, designers have been realized of their need as a professional. They begin to improve their skill for career matter. They have been ready to learn and invest for improvements. They also begin to make their work legal as a graphic designer include their device and equipment. Graphic designers can reach the advanced level commonly after 5 years of career.


In this stage, a designer would have been left technical works because they will be able to focus to manage a team or teach.

Technical works fully being handled by team members. As an owner/mentor, he/she just focus on the strategic thing to keep the career and his/her team survival. According to my experience, a designer can be a mentor/owner after works for 10 years and above. 

The fact is life will go on and the time is running. Competition to be the best is still going. It is time to focus. Whether you will be a professional or will be a newbie forever. So, look at yourself, what stage is your career now?


Author : Reza Pahlevi

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