List of Colors That Enter the Color Trend 2023

Quoted from, Pantone announced viva magenta as a color trend that will become a mecca in 2023. The bright red color was named the Color of the Year 2023 in an announcement released on Friday (2/12). In addition to the viva magenta color, many other colors will fill the list of 2023 color trends.

1. Viva Magenta

(source : Pinterest image by: @bommerri1)

The first color, of course, is the viva magenta color. The color, which is still a relative of the red color, reflects boldness, wit, and both.

According to Pantone, this color is an unconventional color for an unusual time. Furthermore, the official statement states, “Brave and fearless, (Viva magenta) is a pulsating color, whose joy promotes optimism and joy,”.

“Powerful and empowering, it is an animated red that encourages experimentation and self-expression without restraint; Electrifying and boundless colors,” he added.

2. Digital Lavender

(source : Pinterest image by: @eclectic_ihcarp)

The color that is included in the pastel color group is increasingly popular and is predicted to become a trend in 2023 because of its soft and calming impression so many people like this color. In addition, Digital Lavender also symbolizes stability, tranquility, and escape in the digital world from difficult situations in the real world.

3. Orange Tangelo

(source : Pinterest image by: @bommerri1)

This color is a color inspired by the tangelo fruit. This color creates a bright and entertaining impression, therefore Orange Tangelo is perfect for you to apply to paint and room decorations to make the room look more lively. You can combine it with neutral colors such as white and brake.

4. Peach Pink

(source : Pinterest image by: @pins4sharing)

The color that creates a graceful and shady impression is not as bright as other pinks, but Peach Pink has a softer light that gives a calming effect. You can combine these colors with earth-tone colors such as brown and beige.

5. Macchiato

(source : Pinterest image by: @bommerri2)

Macchiato is a color that reflects a chocolate cake with a little thin foam on top.

6. Sundial

(source : Pinterest image by: @eclectic_ihcarp)

Sundial is a color created from a combination of gold, brown, and beige color. This color has an earthy tone that according to The Spruce gives a warm impression and looks natural in the eyes of the audience.

7. Tranquil Blue

(source : Pinterest image by: @bylauragransott)

This color is a combination of aqua and marine tones that give the impression of peace and tranquility in the design. This impression is believed to dampen overflowing emotions. That said, according to Elaine, the crisp blend of Tranquil Blue will remind the audience of the air and water elements.

8. Lazuli Blue

(source : Pinterest image by: @jointhecolorrevolution)

This color has a luxurious impression but is still simple in design which comes from a very strong dark blue color composition.

9. Jade Green

(source : Pinterest image by: @bommerri2)

This Jade Green color is also predicted to become a trend in 2023 because it can give the audience a peaceful and down-to-earth impression and represent knowledge, courage, and equality in a design.

10. Bone White

(source : Pinterest image by: @bommerri2)

This last color tends to have a warm and soft impression making this color suitable to be combined with natural colors.

Many other colors are predicted to become a trend in 2023, but some of these colors are the most recommended on the internet. Hope it helps.

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