Many Job Opportunities in the World of Digital Marketing in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Entering 2023, we are also entering the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 or the popular term the “internet of things” where in this era there are many business opportunities related to technological sophistication, especially in the increasingly advanced international world.

Along with the development of the internet world, business opportunities in this field are no joke. Many professions are currently emerging related to the internet world, especially the content on social media, one example is a content marketer engaged in content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy by creating and disseminating content that is relevant, interesting, and consistent according to the intended audience. People who have a career in content marketing are called content marketers.

In short, content marketers are not just making videos that contain a brand, event, social activity, or something like that. But how does someone attract the attention of the audience, bring in visitors, and even increase brand awareness? As well as building strong relationships with the audience for a relatively long time.

The content created can also be in the form of writing, design, images, animations, short videos, long videos, to podcasts.

Job desk

Well, then enter the job desk of the content marketer. The job desk of a content marketer is not too complicated if you are a person who likes the world of content. You just need to be a little more creative to be more “glimpsed” by the audience. In addition, here is the job desk list:

1. Plan, execute, and manage content marketing campaigns.

2. Write, edit, and optimize the content on various digital platforms, such as blogs, social media, emails, websites, and so on.

3. Understand the targeted audience and create content that suits their interests and needs.

4. Analyze website and social media traffic metrics.

5. Work closely with other product, business, and marketing teams to achieve marketing goals.

Required skills

To engage in the world of content marketing, of course, you need qualified skills so that the content marketing you make can be successful and liked by many audiences. Here are some basic skills that you must master before entering the world of content marketing.

1.- Mastering various digital platforms

The first skill is of course mastering many digital platforms because the world of content marketing is very closely related to digital platforms, especially blogs, websites, social media, and such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

Understand the difference in audience behavior on these platforms rather than the content you present being more targeted.

2. “Get to know” the audience

The point of “knowing” here is to understand the characteristics, demographics, interests, and needs of your audience. Simply mistaking a little bit can make your audience decline and it will affepany.

3. Writing ability

Writing is also the most basic skill in the world of content marketing because almost all fields of content marketing require this skill to write articles, create scripts, copy for design, write captions, to scripts to make videos. So, this skill is indispensable.

4. Analytic

In creating content, data analysis and evaluating the results of content marketing campaigns are needed. This skill will also help you evaluate content and see what content the audience prefers.

5. Creativity

As mentioned earlier, you need to be a little more creative because the easier it is for someone to become a content marketer, the more competition in the world of content marketing is even more intense. However, with a person’s level of creativity, it can make it stand out from other content and of course people will be more interested in enjoying your content.

Of course, control is still needed to make your content different and distinctive from other content because if it is excessive, it can make your content out of what your audience likes.

6. Communication

Communication skills are also very important. Because good communication skills are not only needed in this field, but all work in any field The slightest miscommunication between colleagues, with your boss, or even with your audience can have a devastating impact on your company and career.

7. Stay updated with trends

You also need to follow the development of any trend that is currently popular with many people. By following trends on social media, you can increase the number of viewers and become a source of inspiration for your next content. In addition, you will also not be labeled as a stale content marketer.

Become a successful content marketer is certainly not easy, it requires qualified knowledge and experience. For that, don’t give up easily and hesitate to make new innovations to hone your skills.

In addition, the number of companies that need this profession makes the opportunity to become a content marketer even greater but the competition is also getting tougher. So, don’t delay to continue to develop! Hope it helps.

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