Making Grunge Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Logo without effect is incomplete because life from design is applying whether from effect or direct from the mockup. The vintage logo needs old effect like grunge. In this tutorial, we will make a grunge effect in a vintage logo.

This is a very simple tutorial and easily applied in Adobe Illustrator. The grunge effect in Adobe Illustrator can give vintage effect in our logo.

First, open your logo file and download a grunge effect here The file will provide in WinRar format. Then, choose Adobe Illustrator file. When you open it, you can see a new window, click OK.

When it opened, don’t forget to ungroup so you can separate vector and its effect. Then, copy the part you want to use an effect. Paste it in your artboard layer. Change the color to white or other as long as it can be seen in the logo. Duplicate it if you need or copy-paste again from your downloaded grunge effect.

Now, step to the main part. You should select a grunge effect and select area you want to add effect. Here, I just add effect to the black circle. Click pathfinder tool (activate by click window>pathfinder) and click minus front tool. Here the result and finish.

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