Requirements to be a Successful Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a job producing illustration designs, typography, photography, or motion graphics. Now, job opportunities as graphic designers are getting wider and more promising. If you meet the requirements as a graphic designer is not impossible, you will become a successful graphic designer. To become a successful graphic designer not only have a strong and tough mentality, but the requirements are fundamental. The following are the requirements to become a successful graphic designer:

1. Have a Graphic Design Education Background

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Being able to use graphic and editing software alone is not enough to become a successful graphic designer. The educational background in graphic design is ideally a graduate of the Visual Communication Design (DKV) major or fine arts. This is because a graphic designer must understand the basics of design such as composition, color, and shape.

2. Always Update Technological Developments

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From time to time graphic design software is always evolving. So, a graphic designer should always update technological developments so as not to be outdated.

3. Understanding the Character of Each Client

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Each client must have a different character. So a graphic designer must be able to adjust and understand the design according to the needs and target clients. The goal is that the client is satisfied with the results of your work.

4. Having Idealism and Distinctive Characteristics

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Idealism is an understanding or desire that is held as a principle, while a character is a feature possessed by a designer. The work must have ideals and characteristics so that it has a unique value. However, idealism and characteristics do not have to be the beginning of design work because they will emerge and develop with increasing flight hours.

5. Have a Portfolio

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A portfolio is a collection of works that can be used as evidence of ability to others. A graphic designer must have a portfolio that contains his designs, not plagiarizing or imitating other people’s. Because the portfolio is the capital to earn an income for a graphic designer.

6. Initiative

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An initiative is an idea to take a new or different action, but with the same goal. A graphic designer must have a high graphic initiative. For example, doing research on clients about the projects they are working on and providing several alternative designs to clients.

7. Resistant to Revision

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Revision is the daily food of a graphic designer. Therefore, you must remain strong in the face of revisions from clients that may be stressful or impatient.

8. Thorough

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Not only careful with the appearance or layout, but a graphic designer must also be careful with several aspects such as text, size, and revision notes.

9. Have Good Communication Skills

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Sometimes clients judge people from the way and ability to communicate, not only from the design produced. So, a graphic designer must have good communication skills.

10. Creative Thinking

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Not only about the emergence of new ideas but a graphic designer must also think creatively in conveying messages to clients.

11. Learning New Things

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Being a successful graphic designer is not easy. One of them is that you always have to learn new things to improve your abilities.

12. Intention

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All things must begin with an intention. You can start with the reasons why you choose to become a graphic designer and then determine the vision and mission of becoming a graphic designer.

For those who want to become a graphic designer or are new to becoming a graphic designer, keep trying and don’t give up. Because success is nothing instant and requires a process. Hopefully, this article is helpful and useful.

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