Strategy in Targeting the Target Market

A strategy is a long-term plan that is prepared to deliver an achievement of certain goals and objectives. And another thing that is no less important about the target market is determining a strategy to approach the target market. The following are strategies for targeting the target market :

1. Mass Marketing

Mass marketing is a strategy for the wider community but still by the segments that have been previously targeted. This strategy is not too concerned with market segmentation and is suitable for marketing general product needs such as soap, toothbrush and others. Business people use mass marketing strategies to target everyone in marketing their products. The mass marketing strategy also focuses on how more people know the product being offered and expect consumers to buy it and increase sales.

2. Differentiated Marketing

Differentiated marketing is a strategy that companies use when identifying certain groups of buyers. This strategy focuses on targeting a more specific target market. For example soap products, you can distinguish between soaps for men and women.

3. Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is a strategy that has a more specific target consumer and market. An example of a product that can use this strategy is the sale of toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth. Although the market size is relatively smaller, it can be a means of market penetration. In addition, it can also be a market leader.

4. Micro Marketing

Micro Marketing is a strategy aimed at a more specific target audience than Niche Marketing. This strategy is suitable to be applied to marketed products but is limited to factors of location, type of goods or time.


That’s the strategy for targeting the target market. Hopefully, it will inspire you and encourage you to start a business soon.

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