Did You Know About Personal Branding?

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Do you often get difficulty in your business? For employees, branding can’t affect, but it does for a company.

I have an aim to talk about personal branding by opening speech above. Today, designers not only work for the company but also can be a freelancer or outsourcing worker. They can also become a seller by promoting their works in design sites.

When I was a student, I agree that work is only can do in the office. If someone doesn’t go to the office, it’s mean he is a jobless and useless person. It is a cruel thought that still exists until now.

At the time, graphic designers just labour in the press to design books cover and other related jobs. They can’t upgrade their skill easily like today. There is no YouTube channel or local blog to help them learn. So, they just count on foreign blogs and find someone to teach them directly. Now, we have to be grateful because everything is easy.

Everyone can discover design technique skill through the internet. No matter what are their educational basic, as long as connected to the internet, they can learn new knowledge such as graphic design. Do you agree?

You can find everything from UI/UX, WPAP, animation, illustration, to the logo. All knowledge about graphic design available there, except for the working method of designers. Every designer has a different way to serve their client because everyone will meet classic problems like:

1. Price negotiation.

2. Inappropriate payment.

3. Loss causing design project pitching.

4. Price dropping.

5. Stuck communication with the client to be, and soon.

You may experience those conditions above. And behind those problems, there is a reason. The reason is too many designers but no unique factor to makes them different.

The result is most designers stand in the red zone. There is one way to free from its situation, personal branding. As a graphic designer, you should build personal branding. The brand will adhere to people who attach it. For example, Syahrini has some attributes which can make people remember her when attributes mentioned as controversial, glamour, and beautiful.

If you have strong personal branding, you don’t need to debate about price and payment because they know you and your reputation. You also don’t need to worry about project pitching because clients will catch you. No more price dropping, your personal branding will make everyone want to use your service whatever your price.

Through personal branding, they will listen to your advice happily. If this happens, a deal is close to you. That’s why people in television know how much money should withdraw to call a band like Slank in their program. That’s the result of branding development for years. They succeed to build a good reputation in their fans mind.

Paraphrasing from Mr Subiakto, Indonesian branding expert, “Brand is a name that has mean.” After you read the advantages of strong personal branding, you should know how to collaborate it to your design profession. May this insight can increase your knowledge of how important is another skill to support your graphic design career.

Writer: Reza Pahlevi

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