The Best Design Studios in Indonesia

Currently, there are many high-quality design studios spread across Indonesia. The design studio itself is a place to create or produce various kinds of designs. So which design studios are the best in Indonesia? Check out the list of design studios below.

1. Projek Agni

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Projek Agni is a design studio that focuses on developing Indonesian culture into visual aspects. Agni project was established on April 21, 2018, in Bandung, West Java. The name Agni itself comes from the Sanskrit language which means fire. This fire symbolises the creative spirit that is instilled in each of his projects. The main mission of the Projek Agni is to transform the past into new solutions and manifestations that are presented to a wider and timeless audience.

2. Butawarna Design

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Butawarna Design comes from Bandung, West Java. Its unique name makes people want to learn more about this Butawarna Design studio. This studio was founded in 2003 and until now Butawarna Design has produced many attractive graphic designs and illustrations for various publications.

3. Tokotype

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Tokotype is a design studio that focuses on creating digital font designs. Founded in 2015, Tokotype is located in Bandung, West Java. Tokotype’s mission is to provide well-designed fonts to help create distinctive and attractive typographic assets for creative industry players in reflecting the artistic and functionalities of the visual style to be created. Some of the projects that Tokotype has worked on include typeface for Fabelio, Bukalapak, and custom fonts for Thinking Room Inc, a design studio from Jakarta.

4. Nusae

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Nusae is a graphic design studio that focuses on environmental graphic design. Nusae, which is located in Bandung, West Java, was founded in 2013. Nusae’s principle is to produce consistent and relevant design work on every project that is done through graphic and typographic exploration. This studio also always wants to create timeless designs, like the works of previous designers in the 1950s whose works can still be enjoyed today.

5. Karyarupa

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Karyarupa is a creative studio located in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Karyarupa’s mission is to create designs that bring brands to life with a 360 approach to meet the brand’s overall needs with extra attention to illustration. This design studio has also worked on several big projects, one of which is managing web design for FlipBurger.

6. liBStud

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liBStud stands for Liberated Studio. liBStud was founded in 2015 and is located in Yogyakarta. Libstud focuses on identity creation, visual branding and visual merchandising. One of the projects that are quite famous is the design and illustration for the cover of Kunto Aji’s album, entitled Generation Y. In addition, liBStud also worked on logo designs for Yogya Group and Filosofi Kopi, as well as the brand of and visual merchandising for IL MONDO Pizza.

7. Sciencewerk

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Sciencewerk is a design and art studio that designs brand identities, graphics, illustrations, and websites. Science Werk is located in Surabaya, East Java. This studio involves creative actors from various disciplines. The disciplines in question are design branches such as animation, illustration and others.

8. LeBoYe

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LeBoYe is a graphic design studio that focuses on elegant designs and has a traditional touch from the archipelago. LeBoYe was founded in the 1990s. This design studio serves the creation of profiles and annual reports, brand identity and packaging, corporate identity, logos, and publications.


That’s the best design studio in Indonesia. Hopefully, this information can add to your knowledge and be useful for you.

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