The Most Powerful Way to Ask Customers for Testimonials

In the business world, testimonials are one of the important things in gaining the trust of customers. However, there are certainly ways and tips to get testimonials from customers. Here is the list.

1. Ask at the right time

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What is the right time to ask for a testimony? The right time here is when the customer has benefited from your product or service. Or in other words, after the customer has made a purchase of your product. In addition, you can also ask for testimonials at the end of the quarter or once every 3 months.

2. By manual or automatic method

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The next way is either manually or automatically. The use of manual or automatic methods depends on the number of your customers. If your customers are already included a lot, then it is more effective to use automated methods. But if you want to give a closer impression to your customers, then you can also use the manual method.

Even so, these two methods still have their own advantages and disadvantages. Like if you use automated methods, your work will be faster but your relationship with customers is less close. On the contrary, if you use the manual method then you will be much closer to the customer however if your customers are in large quantities it will definitely take a longer time.

3. Give gifts

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You can also give gifts to customers who want to give their best testimonials. With this, the testimonials you get will be more and more.

4 . Provide multiple testimonial options

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The next way is to provide several testimony options, for example by broadcasting them to give reviews by writing 2-3 special paragraphs, making reviews with social media content videos or it can also be by conducting direct interviews with consumers.

5. Use simple but memorable questions

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You can ask some simple questions to your consumers, such as “what is your reason for using our products?”. Or it could be with “what are the advantages of our products that are very memorable for you?”

Questions like this make a good impression on the testimonials they give.

6. Create a testimonial-specific website page

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By creating a special website page like this, many customers will feel more appreciated because their testimonials are displayed on your business website page.

7. Provide shorter testimony options

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Sometimes not a few customers give testimonials that are too long. To fix this, you can give a limit such as a maximum of 240 characters or you can also allow customers to use emogi.

8. Backlink

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You can add your customer’s social media link to each testimonial to reinforce the authenticity of the testimony.

9. New customer follow-ups

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By following up with new customers you can also get the next customer. You do this by giving 7-14 days from the first purchase, if it has passed that time you can ask about his experience or opinion about the product purchased.

10. Create more personalized emails

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You can also make a request for customer testimonials via email by entering the consumer’s name and providing a mention of the product they are using. This can impress customers and feel more appreciated.

So, those are some tips for asking customers for testimonials that you can do. May be useful.

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