These are the Types of Ads that You Must Know

Advertising is a way to promote products, brands, or services to the audience so that they are interested in the goods or services offered. In everyday life, you will often encounter advertisements in various forms and delivery media, ranging from television, radio, newspapers, and online media, to billboards. For companies that provide goods or services, advertising is a mainstay to introduce and market their products. Following are the types of advertisements and their explanations:

A. Types of Ads Based on Contents

Based on their contents, advertisements are divided into four namely offer advertisements, public service advertisements, notification advertisements, and demand advertisements.

1. Offer Advertising

Offer advertising is a type of advertisement created to offer a product or service to the wider community. Examples of offer advertisements include advertisements for goods such as food, beverages, shoes, bags, electronic goods, and cosmetics as well as advertisements for services such as medical services, courier services, and online transportation services.

2. Public Service Advertisement

Public service advertisement is a type of advertisement that presents social messages to raise public awareness of the problems they have to face. Public service advertisements usually come from agencies or institutions. Examples of public service advertisements are Family Planning (KB) advertisements, advertisements for awareness of global warming, advertisements for the dangers of smoking, advertisements for appeals to stay away from drugs, and advertisements calling for energy saving.

3. Announcement or Notification Advertisement

An announcement or notification advertisement is a type of advertisement that is shown to inform an important matter to the general public or a certain audience. Examples of announcements or notifications are advertisements expressing condolences, advertisements for raising donations, advertisements for receiving zakat, and film advertisements.

4. Request Ads

Request ads are a type of advertisement that contains an invitation to cooperate with readers. Demand ads that are often found are usually in the form of job vacancies such as factory employees, babysitters, and household assistants.

B. Types of Advertising Based on the Media

Advertisements are broadcast to the public through several media such as print, electronic, and internet media. Here is the explanation.

1. Print Media Advertising

Print media advertising is a type of advertisement that uses mass media facilities that are printed and published regularly. This type of advertisement is often found in newspapers, leaflets, bulletins, magazines, newspapers, billboards, posters, and stickers. Examples of print media advertisements are brochures containing cough medicine advertisements, drink advertisement billboards, and house cleaning services advertisements in newspapers.

2. Electronic Media Advertising

Electronic media advertising is a type of advertisement published in electronic media, such as radio and television. Examples of electronic media advertisements such as smartphone clans on television and drug advertisements broadcast on radio.

3. Internet Media Advertising

Internet media advertising is a type of advertisement delivered through internet media. This type of advertisement can be found on blogs, websites, social media, and search engines. Examples of internet media advertising include banner ads, search engine marketing, social media advertising, email marketing, and retargeting advertising.

C. Advertising Based on Purposes

Advertisements are created for at least two purposes, namely commercial and non-commercial. Both have differences and different types of ads.

1. Commercial Advertising (Business)

Commercial advertising (business) is a type of advertisement created to market a product or service so that consumers are interested in buying it. The main purpose of commercial (business) advertising is to increase sales. Examples of commercial (business) advertisements are advertisements for soft drinks, body lotion, soap, and mobile phones.

2. Non-Commercial Advertising

Non-commercial advertising is a type of advertisement that contains social messages so that people pay attention to certain issues. Generally, non-commercial advertising is in the form of an invitation or prohibition to do something. This advertisement aims to add insight, increase self-awareness, and change people’s behavior. Examples of non-commercial advertisements are stopped smoking advertisements, recommendations for frequent hand washing, and advertisements for maternal and toddler health services.


In conclusion, advertising is a means of promoting a product, service, or appeal of various types from the media, form, and purpose. Hopefully, this article can add to your knowledge.

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