Things to Pay Attention in Marketing Activity

Before starting a new business, you should have careful planning, including marketing. Marketing activities are very important so that business people are able to make their products acceptable and sellable in the community. In marketing a product, there are things that must be considered. Here’s the explanation.

1. Products

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Products are like weapons in sales competition. A good product can certainly be a powerful weapon. The criteria for a good product is that it can be accepted by the community with advantages and qualities that are not owned by competitors. So, it is better to analyze the product first before entering into sales competition.

2. Price

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Price is a very important factor in the product. The biggest factor in determining the price is the possible profit. To determine the appropriate price, it can be done by looking at the average price of the product on the market.

3. Location

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Choose a strategic location that has a target buyer according to the product. The characteristics of a strategic location include crowded, traversed by many people, and close to the surface of the residents.

4. Promotion

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Promotion is an effort to offer products or services with the aim of attracting potential consumers to buy or consume them. Make sure to always prepare a promotional plan after determining the product, price, and business location. Promotional activities can be carried out through advertisements in newspapers, distribution of brochures, participating in exhibitions or bazaars, product introductions on social media, and promotions through the internet.

Those are the things that must be considered in marketing activities. Is there a planning picture so that the product can be marketed properly? Hope it helps and good luck.

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