Tips and Ways of Self-Promotion for Graphic Designers

Being a graphic designer is not just being an expert in design but also knowing how to promote yourself. In this way, the network becomes wider and will slowly be recognized by many people with the characteristics of their work. The following are tips and ways of self-promotion for graphic designers :

1. Personal Project

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A personal project is a project aimed at honing talents and abilities in the field of interest. Showing character and uniqueness as a graphic designer is a very important role when promoting yourself in front of clients. Some clients often need talents who are not only able to create the required designs but also have a unique look and feel that fits their needs. Take the time to select the best work from a variety of designs ever created for display on the design platform. Not only the best in terms of results but also unique and shows the characteristics of a graphic designer.

2. Personal Branding

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Personal branding is a strategy to form a self-image so that the public or others can judge from their achievements and achievements. Through personal branding, designers can increase career success and get opportunities to achieve goals. Also, make sure who will be the target before creating personal branding. Don’t hesitate to design business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders, CVs and portfolios with designs that attract people to get to know your works better.

3. Portfolio

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A portfolio is a collection of works or achievements that represent self-development. Make an online or offline portfolio and choose the best of all the works you have. Display your online portfolio on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Personal Website and others. The offline version can be printed, although nowadays many people rely on the online. But the print version can leave a lasting first impression.

4. Website With Own Domain

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A website is a collection of pages in a domain that contains various information so that internet users can read and view it through a search engine. Having a website with your domain can be taken more seriously by potential clients. Fill the website with the best work to be proud of. In addition, don’t forget to fill in the website with a description of your personality, advantages and previous internship or work experience. Include contacts and email as well on your website.

5. Best Resolution

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Graphic designers will understand if images that appear with poor resolution will look blurry or broken. Of course, in the portfolio, it must be ensured to have used the best resolution for display on a computer or smartphone screen. Because most clients still use conventional methods in their work processes, it is possible to print some samples of work for vendor approval at the company’s internal level. The best resolution can minimise the possibility that the printed work will look bad.

6. Active Blogging or Social Media

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Blogging is all activities to manage blogs. While social media is a digital platform that facilitates users to socialize with each other and communicate or share content in writing, photos, and videos. Creating a blog and uploading works regularly on social media can show graphic designers who are up to date and open-minded in dealing with technological advances according to clients. It is not uncommon for people who originally were just readers on blogs and social media to turn into clients.

7. Networking

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Networking is about how to maintain and build networks in the long term and mutually beneficial to each other. Networking is considered important for career development because it has many benefits. No matter how busy you are, take time to socialize, meet new people, establish good relationships, join the graphic design community and don’t forget to prepare a business card. That way fellow graphic designers can support each other. For example, if someone needs a job at a time when others are flooded with jobs, they can do shift jobs and vice versa.

8. Submit a Proposal

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A proposal is a work plan that is prepared systematically and in detail for a formal activity. Send a proposal by paying attention to the contents in it to potential clients such as cafes, companies and restaurants. In this case, the proposal becomes important to convey information directly to prospective clients in the form of soft copy or hard copy.

9. Advertise

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Advertising is a way to promote a product, brand or service to potential clients to drive interest, engagement and sales. Set aside the cost to advertise, you can place online ads on Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Buzzer, Instagram and others. Advertising online is more effective than print advertising because the cost is more affordable.

10. Free Design Works

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Create and share free graphic designs on the website so that the web site’s name is increasingly known. You can also share your best work for free. Especially if your work is interesting and liked by people, it will be known as a graphic designer who has professional and generous work.


Those are tips and ways of self-promotion for graphic designers. May this article can be useful for you.

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