Tips for Building Networking

Reporting from Columbia University, networking is the process of building a connection and relationship with others. It is this relationship that can give you input or help in other forms to make career-related decisions. For this reason, networking is very necessary both in building a business, career and those of you who are still pursuing higher education as students. Here are the tips.

1. Building Networking in the Business World

(source : personal dukumen)

Networking is closely related to the business world, why? Because 80% of professionals believe that networking is very influential on the success of their business. Networking relationships can be individuals or groups that support a career, including during WFH and personal relationships. To build networking, you need to :

Using References

By using references, you can connect with new people as well as people you already know, and of course this greatly affects your relationship that is increasingly widespread. The possibility to share knowledge about networking will also be easier.

Feel free to ask for advice

By asking others for advice, not only will you get new input from others but you will also be labeled as ambitious in seeking new knowledge and not arrogant. But keep in mind, not all the advice you get should be carried out. Choose advice that you think is really effective for the continuity of your business.

Increase network contacts

You can take part in workshops, seminars or other events that allow you to meet new people. Usually, professionals use business cards to get to know each other.

Use LinkedIn Websites

One of these professional platforms can be used to network your career. Use this platform to connect with new people from former colleagues and employees. So far, LinkedIn is one of the most effective and efficient platforms in building networking. However, don’t forget to update your account profile to make it look professional.

Make the most of social media platforms

In addition to LinkedIn, there are many other platforms that you can try to build networking. For example, with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. But it will be even better if you create your own website. Besides being useful for improving your networking, this method is also very influential on personal branding.

Join social media groups

Join the social media group you have, joining a social media group is actually the same as attending a workshop or seminar just online. You can find the right discussion according to your interests.

Be Patient

To be able to achieve success in networking is not always in a short time. For this reason, you must be patient and painstaking to always build and develop your relationships with others, especially with other professionals and networks.

2. Building Networking in a Career

(source : personal dukumen)

To build networking in a career, you must first have networking skills. Networking skills are the ability to establish and maintain relationships with people who are engaged in a field. When you have networking skills and have a wide network of friends, you can have the opportunity to meet experts in the field you are currently engaged in. Here are tips for building networking in a career :

Prioritize Your Goals

Determine what your needs are such as job offers, mentorship or career advice. By prioritizing what your goals are, it will make it easier for you to meet people who can help you achieve your goals.

Join the alumni community

Building networking will be easier if you have extensive relationships. In addition to building relationships with new people, don’t forget about relationships with your old people such as alumni of schools or colleges. One of them is by joining the alumni community.

Maintain good relationships

Maintaining good relationships with people you new and old know is the key to successfully building networking. You will get a good image by people so that job opportunities if you are looking for a job will be wider.

3. Building Networking as a Student

(source : personal dukumen)

In addition to those who are in the stage of looking for a job, for those of you who are still in student status, it is also necessary to build networking. What are the benefits? Just like saving, installments for your networking career from when you were a student will also have a big effect on your future life. Here are the tips:

Don’t be afraid to step out of the comfort zone

First of all, you have to dare to step out of your comfort zone to try new things. Feel free to start a chat with a new person. Practice more public speaking so that your chats don’t feel stiff and don’t be afraid to fail and try again while there are many opportunities. Also make sure you remember them if you meet at other times so that they feel more valued.

Be wise to use student status

Make good and wise use of your student status, because your student status can really help you in expanding networking. For example, by establishing relationships with students, alumni, lecturers, and campus staff. But keep in mind that in addition to carrying the status of a student, you also have the responsibility to maintain the good name of your alma mater, so be wise to use your student status.


You can benefit a lot by doing an internship. One of them can certainly increase relationships and build networking. For this reason, make the most of this opportunity because it is likely that you can also be recruited as a permanent employee if your performance is considered good.

Adopt a job seeker’s mindset

Even though you are currently a student, by applying a job-seeking mindset you can expand your networking. You do this by spending at least 15 minutes a day to add connections through LinkedIn or other platforms. Feel free to ask about their work that might help you in the future.

Those are some networking tips that I can share. “Risk more than other think is safe. Care more than other think is wise. Dream more than other think is practical. Expect more than other think is possible” – Claude T. Bissell. Hope it helps.

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