Tips for Making Effective Video Marketing

In making video marketing, you must determine your goals, target audience, budget, equipment, scripts, shooting techniques, and interesting editing. Because making video marketing is the same as making videos in general. Then, what must be done so that the video marketing that is made is effective? Here are the tips:

1. First 10 Seconds Is Key

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Most people only watch videos in the first 10 to 20 seconds. So make the video captivate the audience in the first 10 to 20 seconds. Pay more attention to those first 10 seconds to create a scene that may relate to everyday life or memorable moments.

2. Focus on Stories

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Video marketing doesn’t have to focus on sales. Because now most people watch video marketing content whose presentation is more exciting and interesting, such as storytelling. It would also be better if video marketing tells about how the company or product has an impact on consumers, what positive impact it has had, and so on.

3. Interacting with Audiences

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Interacting with audiences can encourage good engagement and increase sales. You do this by responding to comments or messages from the audience and inviting them to share their stories and opinions.

4. Use Humor in Videos

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Sometimes companies are hesitant to use humor because they feel it doesn’t fit. But if that element of humor can help convey the message efficiently why not give it a try? Because if you can include the element of humor correctly, it will attract the attention of the audience and make them feel at home watching videos for a long time.

5. Applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Technique

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Make sure the videos you make are easy to find in search engines. To get maximum SEO value, upload marketing videos to your own domain before going to other sites and also activate the embedding feature on videos.

6. Educate the Audience

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Educating the audience can be done in various ways. For example, teaching customers how to use a product or service and providing useful tips on how to take advantage of it. It can also be done by creating webinars to showcase knowledge, and position the brand while adding value to consumers.

7. Make a Short Video

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Short marketing videos that are less than 30 seconds attract the attention of the audience because they can create better engagement than long videos. So make the video concise but easy to remember.

8. Prioritize Content for Smartphones

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Nowadays, most people open their smartphones more often than computers. The number of smartphone users also continues to increase and shows no signs of decreasing. So, take this as an opportunity for brand marketing.

9. Don’t Forget to Put Calls to Action

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Include a call to action in your marketing video so that your audience will visit your site or follow your social media. In addition, it can also include a link to your site to encourage the audience to check the information further.

Those are some tips for making effective video marketing. Also, develop ideas and creativity to see the most effective types and content of video marketing. I hope this helps.

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