Tips for Presenting a Good Presentation

Not a few people will feel nervous if they will do a presentation, whether it’s a presentation in front of the class, or even in front of clients. However, don’t despair first if you feel less confident when it comes to doing presentations, because here are some tips that you can apply so that you make it through your presentation calmly and smoothly.

1. Prepare yourself

Before making a presentation, of course, the first step you have to do is to prepare yourself first. The purpose of preparing yourself here is that you must be able to understand what you will convey to the audience later. In addition, you also need to prepare mentally and confidently.

Self-confidence is the main key to the success of a presentation. Because even though you have mastered the material but you are not confident, later it will be blank, or forget the material. In addition to confidence, you also have to pay attention to other things such as neatness of clothing, laptops, presentation materials, and notes on the points to be delivered.

2. Arrange the key points to be presented

(source: personal document)

As I mentioned in the first point, compiling the important points that will be conveyed is also very useful to avoid forgetting the material and so that the discussion does not deviate too far from the topic of your presentation.

But also pay attention to the order of points that are by the presentation ppt that you have prepared.

3. Prepare the presentation as attractive as possible

Interesting presentation topics and content alone are not enough to steal the attention of the audience. No matter how interesting the content of your presentation is, if the slideshow of your presentation is monotonous, it will make the audience bored quickly.

To avoid getting bored quickly, you can design your ppt slides as attractive as possible according to the audience’s interests. If designing a ppt feels too complicated, you can optimize its appearance by adding writing. However, avoid writing too much on each slide. In addition, choosing and adjusting the color, and adding a graph or table as a visual reinforcement of the data can also add to your ppt look more attractive.

Don’t forget to adjust the time with the presentation material by adding, cutting, and even rearranging your presentation ppt.

4. Show your seriousness

Seriousness during the presentation is very influential on the audience’s trust in you. You can show that seriousness by being enthusiastic and honest about what you present.

Also spread positive emotions to the audience, for example by building a good spirit, as well as speaking clearly and occasionally throwing logical questions to the audience.

5. Build a connection with your audience

Building a connection with your audience is also very influential in your presentation. You can do several things so that you can better attract the attention of the audience as follows

– Walk towards the audience. Walking towards the audience here does not mean you have to approach the audience one by one, just as a gesture.

– Make eye contact with the audience. You can occasionally make eye contact with the audience during a presentation so that the audience feels involved with your conversation.

Ask provocative questions that relate to the topic of the next presentation.

– Present like a radiant person. This way, you will feel more relaxed in delivering presentations.

Why do you have to do the steps above? Because according to some studies, 64% of people believe that flexible presentations with two-way interaction are more engaging than one-way presentations. Which when presenting by involving the audience will be more interesting than just presenting and talking to yourself.

6. Start with an interesting opener

First impressions are an important part of a presentation. Because at this time you can influence the audience so that they are interested in your presentation. You can start by saying hello while asking how you’re doing, relating to events that have just happened, stating facts that are disturbing, funny, or extraordinary, and you can even making a light joke.

7. Serve simply

(source: personal document)

Long-winded talks tend to make the audience less graphical of the gist of your presentation. Therefore, make your presentation as simple as possible. Choose language that is light so that it is easy for the audience to understand.

8. Pay attention to body gestures

Body gestures are also very important to pay attention to. Starting from eye contact, posture, hand movements, and even facial expressions.

Avoid gestures that make you seem nervous and don’t enjoy your presentation such as hands behind your back or in your pants pocket and don’t forget to smile.

9. Relax

Try to stay relaxed and enjoy your presentation. Because if you present your presentation as calmly as possible, then the possibility of success is even greater.

If you stay nervous, you can take a slow and deep breath. Try to convince yourself that you can do a good presentation.

10. Practice

The last tip is to be diligent to practice. You can practice alone in front of the mirror or ask your friends to accompany you and give advice if something is missing from your practice.

Indeed, presentations are not easy, but your public speaking skills can be trained if you are willing to try and practice diligently. Hope it helps.

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