Types of Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a marketing strategy in online marketing that utilizes video media. Before starting to make video marketing, determine the type first. Because video marketing consists of various types. Here are some types of video marketing that are commonly used:

1. Video Profile

Video Profile is a video that explains the brand profile and the products or services offered. The duration of this video profile is generally quite long. With a focused discussion, this video also has a very specific target audience.

2. Demo

Video A demo video is a video that explains the proof of a product or service and how it works. For example, showing unboxing a product and trying the product. Through this video, business people can also emphasize the value of their brand compared to competing products.

3. Video Branding

Video Branding is a video that explains the vision, mission, and solutions of a product or service to the audience. The main purpose of video branding is to build brand awareness. Because video branding is a very important part of a business advertising campaign.

4. Video Event

Video Event is a video that displays documentation of an event held by the company. Such as conferences, seminars, discussions, or product launches. Make sure you always capture the event in the form of a video.

5. Educational

Videos Educational videos are videos that explain how products can be a solution to consumer problems and make life better. This educational video can be said to be the easiest video to capture the hearts of the audience. Because it utilizes a soft selling strategy in offering products, these videos are easier to accept.

6. Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials are videos that show direct customer stories that discuss positive experiences using products or services. The level of public trust in video testimonials increases if the person giving the testimonial is someone they know. Moreover, if they are known to be experts in fields relevant to the products or services offered, the level of public trust will be even higher.

7. Video Interview Expert

Video Interview Expert is a video featuring experts who share their opinions. The purpose of this video is to gain the trust of customers.

8. Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are videos that explain the step-by-step using the product. With video tutorials, of course, customers will understand the function and how it works.

9. Video Animation

Video Animation in marketing is a video that explains abstract things in business. These animated videos can also be the main magnet that motivates customers to move further in the marketing channel.

10. Live

Video Live video is a video that shows the event live. The live feature itself can be found on social media such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and others.

11. Video Webinar

Video Webinar (web seminar) is a seminar held through a website or internet-based application. So, video webinar participants can attend seminars without having to leave the house. Simply register through the form provided, and participants can attend the seminar online.

12. Video Q&A

Q&A videos are videos that answer questions from the audience. Video creation can be done by recording a team member answering questions from previous people. Apart from that, you can also record the interview in advance or do it live and publish it on social media channels.


Those are the types of video marketing. Hopefully, it can help you determine the type of video marketing you want to make. Good luck.

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