Types of Websites Based on Function, Platform, Generation And Nature

Before creating a website. It would be nice to know the types of websites first because each website has different contents and functions. On the internet, websites are divided into four types of categories, namely based on function, platform, generation and nature. Here’s the review:

A. Website Types By Function

Here are the types of websites based on their function in general :

1. Website Blog

(example of a blog website)

Website Blog is a website that contains content in the form of articles, videos and photos managed by a blogger. Here bloggers can write down their personal experiences, opinions, or travel stories. In addition, writing a blog can also be a job that produces.

2. Personal Or Personal Website

(examples of personal or personal websites)

Personal Website is a website that contains someone’s personal information. Generally, personal or personal websites are used to build or improve personal branding.

3. Portofolio Website

(portfolio website example)

Portfolio Website is a website that displays the skills and work of a person. This website is very useful for getting project opportunities or even new jobs. Because it can be used as a reference to show how expert a person is in a field.

4. E-Commerce Website Or Online Store

(examples of e-commerce websites or online stores)

E-Commerce Website or Online Store is a website that is used to sell products from website owners. Like having a physical store in the real world, a website can also function as a store in the virtual world. Website owners can direct potential customers from social media to the online store website so that all transactions occur on the website.

5. Website Marketplace

(example of a Marketplace Website)

Marketplace website is a website where sellers and buyers meet online. Marketplace is also one of the choices for selling online. Because it is very easy to start just register and immediately can start selling.

6. Website Entertainment

(entertainmment website example)

Entertainment website is a website created for entertainment purposes, it can contain images, videos, movies, music or anything else that can entertain. To build an entertainment website make sure to get an audience that matches the type of entertainment that will be provided.

7. Business Website

(Business Website examples)

Business Website is a website that contains a brand background that is equipped with the latest news related to business. This website serves to introduce the business to a digital audience. In addition, this website can also be used to explain the history of the business, its products, to the values that exist in the business.

8. Website of a Government Organization or Agency

(examples of Websites of Government Organizations or Agencies)

The Website of a Government Organization or Agency is a website that contains official information about government organizations or agencies. Through this website, the public can access the latest information about the organization’s activities easily. Government agency websites are usually recognized by the .go.id domain, while for organizations they are usually recognized by the .org or .or.id.

9. Online Communities Website

(examples of Online Communities Websites)

An Online Community Website is a website that contains information, tips and tutorials in the community. Usually one online community website only talks about one specific topic.

10. News Websites

(Example News Websites)

News Website is a website that contains the latest and latest news content and information from various sources. Such as political news, sports, and local news. Now, news websites have also succeeded in shifting other forms of media as a source of information. Because news websites are among the websites that most often experience changes or additions to content regularly, either every week, every day or even every hour.

11. Education Website

(Examples of Educational Websites)

Education Website is a website that contains information from an educational institution, both higher to basic education. To distinguish it from other types of websites, you can look at the domain used. Higher education websites usually use the .ac.id extension, while school websites usually have an extension sch.id.

12. Website Search Engine

(example of a search engine website)

A Search Engine website is a website that displays other website recommendations that contain information from internet users’ search results on a topic. For example, if you want to know information about what, then this search engine website will recommend several other websites that have relevant information.

13. Social Media Websites

(Examples of Social Media Websites)

Social Media Website is a website that can be used to exchange information, make friends with each other or follow the latest news from someone personally. Some people use this social media website for work purposes and to make money. Such as selling physical, digital products and services.

14. Non-Profit Websites

(Examples of Non-Profit Websites)

A non-profit website is a website that contains social activities and usually does not take advantage. Such as social service activities, fundraising, mutual aid activities, information on health services and vaccines, and so on. Through this website the organization will be able to reach more people. In addition, another benefit is to encourage website visitors to take an active role such as participating in becoming donors and so on.

15. Online Learning Websites

(examples of Online Learning Websites)

Online Learning Website is a website used to learn online. This website is very useful for students so that they can easily learn anywhere and anytime as long as they have a device that is connected to the internet. This Online Learning Website is also free and paid.

16. Image Provider Website

(example of An Image Provider Website)

Image Provider Website is a website that provides various types of images and photos. Instead of searching for images on Google, it’s a good idea to take pictures from the image provider’s website. Because it will not violate copyright and the images provided also have high quality.

17. Financial Website

(Examples of Financial Websites)

Financial Website is a website that can be used to make bank transfers. The types of websites engaged in finance are online banking, capital markets, investment service providers, and online lending and borrowing. Through this website can do needs in the field of finance easily and quickly.

18. Website File Sharing

(example of a file sharing website)

Website File Sharing is a website that functions to share files to other users. The existence of this website is very important because it can be a source of various kinds of files from all over the world. For example, research files, digital works, or everything that can be downloaded and shared.

19. Website Short URL

(example of a short url website)

Website Short URL is a website to shorten long URLs. Through a short website URL can change the link to be very short without changing the content of the page. This website is very suitable to be used when you want to share certain links on social media whose character is very limited.

20. Encyclopedia Website

(encyclopedia website example)

Encyclopedia website is a website that contains various information from many sources about science. Just try typing in google one of the names of famous figures, then the search engine will put the encyclopedia website at the very top of the list.

B. Website Types By Platform

Here’s a choice of three methods in creating a website :

1. CMS (Content Management System)

A CMS is software used to create and organize digital content. The CMS function itself is to create professional and complex websites quickly and easily. Some of the most widely used CMS are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Of the three popular CMS, WordPress is the easiest to operate. Although creating a website with a CMS is easy. But still it is necessary to learn how to use it. Because each CMS has a different way of working.

2. Website Builder

Website Builder is a software to create a website quickly without the need to understand coding or design skills. This website builder is perfect for beginners who want to create a professional website in no time. Some examples of popular website builders are Wix, Site Builder, and Weebly. The advantage of website builders is that users get a complete package for creating websites from hosting, domains, to template options. The user only needs to change the content as desired.

3. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Dan CSS (Cascading Style Sheet )

The next type of website based on the platform is a website created using HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are two programming languages used in creating websites. So, if you want to create a website based on this platform, you must be proficient in coding both programming languages.

C. Types of Websites By Generation

Types of websites by generation from first to present :

1. Web 1.0

Web 1.0 is the first web technology used for personal websites. At the time, web 1.0 only functioned as a static web, created entirely in HTML and communication was limited to one-way email. So that it only acts as a noticeboard that is presented digitally.

2. Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is the next generation of web 1.0 known as the Social Web. In the era of web 2.0, the interaction function can run both ways with the emergence of social media websites and communities.

3. Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the third generation of web-based internet services. Web 3.0 also has a relationship with the concept of the semantic web. The concept of the semantic web is a technique that allows content to be understandable to both humans and computers. So, this concept of the semantic web allows humans to communicate with search engines. In addition, specific information can also be obtained without having to search for them one by one on each website.

4. Web 4.0

Web 4.0 is a generation that can already be used to help in finding information, storing search history or bringing together people who are looking for similar information. Web 4.0 itself is a private secretary in the form of an artificial organism, which is a tool where the application records routines carried out can be known by computer applications, programs, tools or devices owned and run online.

D. Types of Websites By Nature

Berbagai jenis website berdasarkan sifat yang bisa dijadikan pilihan dalam membuat website:

1. Website Statis

A Static Website is a website whose content is unchanged or static. Each of its pages is created with HTML code and shows the same information to each visitor. Only webmasters or developers can update. Generally, static websites are created using HTML and CSS by developers who understand programming and coding. Because static websites do not require regular content updates. So, a static website doesn’t need a database.

2. Website Dinamis

A dynamic website is a website whose content is always updated regularly. Most websites are dynamic because they are easier to manage than static websites. Dynamic websites also display content from databases that can only be accessed by webmasters or developers.

Those are some types of websites that must be known. Choose the type of website as needed. Hope it Helps.

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