Website Development Costs in 2022

A website is a collection of pages in a domain that contains various types of information on the internet. The website can be accessed using a browser and entering the proper URL. The website functions as a means of information, journals, and online buying and selling transactions. The cost of making a website depends on the budget and the goals of the individual who wants to make it. This means that the cost can be different for each person. For further information, please read the article below.

A. WordPress Website Development Costs

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WordPress is a platform for creating blogs and websites that have various features based on PHP and MySQL. Today, WordPress is a free Content Management System (CMS) that houses more than 35% of the world’s websites. For a WordPress website to function properly and as desired, a budget must be prepared. Costs that must be incurred include :

1. Web Hosting

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Web hosting is a device that is connected to internet services and serves to store website data so that it can be accessed by anyone online. The average cost of a WordPress hosting package starts from 10 thousand to 1 million rupiahs per month.

2. Domain

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A domain is an easy-to-remember name associated with a physical IP address on the internet. This unique name appears after the @ sign in the email address and after www. at the web address. If web hosting is a house, the domain is its address. The average cost of a WordPress domain package starts from IDR 14 thousand to IDR 275 thousand.

3. Web Design

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Web design is the display of graphic forms in making a web. Everyone can design a website at varying costs because there are thousands of WordPress themes available. Each theme has its features according to the price offered. Premium themes are priced at 280 thousand to 2 million rupiahs. In WordPress, some themes can be taken for free.

4. Plugin

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A plugin is software code with specific functions to perform additional features in an application or program. Its function is to provide features that can change or modify the capabilities of a program. Just like themes, plugins are also available in free and paid versions. Free plugins usually offer limited features and paid or premium plug-ins are required to pay before enjoying the full features. Plugins in premium packages start for 700 thousand to 2 million rupiahs.

5. Additional Security Cost (Optional)

Although optional, there are still additional expenses that must be prepared. Especially if the goal is to significantly improve website security.

– SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

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SSL protection is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between the server and the client. SSL can make data exchange on the website more secure where third parties (hackers) cannot access the data. SSL can be obtained for free but you can also use paid SSL which of course has much more sophisticated security features. Paid SSL is priced at 115 thousand rupiahs per year.

– Whois Protection

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This protection is a service provided to customers to protect the information displayed in the Whois details of the customer’s domain name with privacy protection. Whois protection is priced at IDR 45 thousand per year.

B. So, How Much Does a Website Cost?

The estimated cost of creating a website has been described above. The following is a breakdown of the cost of creating a website with a simulated website creation price as needed.

1. Beginners Who Don’t Need Huge Resources

If you are looking for a balance between affordable prices, but still have the flexibility of resources, the average website creation price is 26,563 rupiahs per month.

2. Need Huge Resources But Can’t Manage Servers

For this need, it is recommended to choose Cloud Hosting Premium Packages which have a price of 150,000 rupiahs per month. By spending money that is much cheaper than the price of the monthly internet package, users will get a fully managed server ready to accommodate large numbers of visitors at once.

3. Able to Manage Servers and Need Your Server

With Cloud VPS Starter Package for 105,000 rupiahs per month, users already get a VPS server with high specs.


To calculate the cost of creating a website, the first thing to do is to find out the available options and their respective costs. Good luck and hopefully find the best option for your budget and needs.

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