Website Functions

In general, the main function of the website is to convey information. However, now over time, website functions are growing and have different advantages and qualities according to their business targets. Here are some of the functions of the website:

1. Means of Information

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The first function of the website is to convey information. The information function in the website itself includes text and graphics that can be downloaded quickly. For example, news search sites, company profiles, and others. For the type of content in the form of video, text, and images.

2. Means of Communication

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The website also serves as a means of communication. Because with the communication function, a person can easily communicate via webmail, contact form, chat form, and so on.

3. Entertainment Facilities

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The website also has an entertainment function because the website is used in animations, images, and moving elements to improve presentation design. For example, in online game sites, movies, music, and others.

4. Means of Transaction

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The website can be used as a means of buying and selling transactions for online stores or e-commerce. Through the transaction function, e-commerce can bring more consumers to buy goods or services through the sites that have been provided. Payment can also use a credit card, transfer, or COD.

5. Learning Facilities

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A means of learning is also included in the function of the website. Because now learning can also be done online as in Ruangguru and Quipper.

6. As a Personal Website Or Blog

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A blog is a web page that presents various articles, videos, and photos managed by a blogger. And the function of the blog itself is to increase visits or traffic. In addition, blogs can also be used to spread and increase the value of a brand.

Those are some of the various functions of the website. Of the several functions of the website above, it can be used as a reference or consideration to determine what website to make. Hope it Helps.

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