What Is A Vlog? Definition, Types, and Tips for Making It

The development of the digital industry today has created many new jobs that are in demand, especially for millennials. No exception to being a content creator such as a vlogger or a person who makes vlogs.

Of course, creating vlog content also requires careful skills and strategies. For that, we will discuss more deeply how to make the vlog you make can attract the attention of the audience.


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 Vlog is a blog with content in the form of videos that will later be uploaded through online platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, or websites. This vlog creator content creator is called a vlogger.

To create content, vloggers usually do several stages such as pre-production, production, to post-production stages.

Types of vlogs

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1. How-To

This first type of vlog is widely used by reviewers and vloggers because it presents educational, interesting, and updated content. The process of making this type of vlog is quite difficult because you have to pay attention to the camera angle, angle, lighting, script, to props. Examples of this vlog are cooking tutorials, guitar-playing tutorials, CorelDraw tutorials, and others.

2. Reality

This vlog usually contains someone talking in front of the camera with only half the body of their head. Usually, they discuss their own opinions on a topic that is going viral. So this type of vlog is in great demand by YouTubers today.

3. Talking Head

This third type of vlog is a type of vlog that is in great demand by travelers, the duration of this video is usually longer than other vlogs. The complexity of making this video lies in the audio capture that must be heard clearly when outdoors. In addition, the video image stabilizer is also very important for better-recorded video, then some other important things that are needed are a tripod, good lighting, and of course an adequate camera.

 Tips for Creating Vlogs for Beginners

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The more vloggers that appear nowadays, the more competition between vloggers on social media is even more intense. Most of them choose vlog content because it has many advantages, including more people watching, more personal relationships, the audience being more royal, and others.

For those of you who are just about to start making a vlog, here are the tips:

1. No need to use a professional camera

For your first vlog, it doesn’t matter if you don’t use a professional standard camera because of possible capital limitations or other reasons. Good video quality is still needed even though using a makeshift camera, the most important thing is to make sure the content you present is quality content.

2. Create useful content

The passion you are interested in can be your content material. For example, if you like to climb mountains, you can make a mountain climbing vlog as well as tips when you are on the mountain. Because basically if you start with something you like then it will make you more enthusiastic about creating content and of course, new ideas will continue to emerge.

3. Define the audience

You need to determine the target audience to achieve a large number of viewers. You also need to adjust the graphics, thumbnail display, video settings, and others according to your target audience.

4. Unique

Having a characteristic is one of the advantages that you must have as a beginner vlogger. You must present fresh, interesting, and unique content so that viewers don’t feel bored with what you provide.

5. Optimizing your YouTube account

As you know, social media platforms have their algorithms, without the exception, of YouTube. So that your video is not overlooked because it does not reach the algorithm target that exists on YouTube. For that, you need to be diligent in uploading your content. Then collect as many subscribers as possible so that the number of viewers also increases.

In addition, you can also use SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a technique used to optimize a website to make it easier for search engines to find pages/websites and place them on the first page in search engines with keywords determined by the user. Proper use of SEO techniques can improve vlog rankings in search results. In implementing SEO, make sure you pay attention to content topics, keyword research, metadata optimization, and so on.

6. Viewer action

What is viewer action? Viewer’s action is the interaction you establish with your viewers, for example by inviting them to subscribe to your Youtube channel, write comments, share videos to other platforms, press the subscribe button and turn on notifications, promote, and so on.

7.  Make thumbnails as attractive as possible

A thumbnail or arguably a video cover is very important, why? Because the more attractive the thumbnail displayed, the more interested people will be in watching your video.

To create a good thumbnail, you should choose a display that suits your audience or audience, and matches the content of the content.

8. Be consistent with the selected vlog type

The last tip is to be consistent. If you choose a food vlog, you must consistently create all food-related content. Likewise, if you choose the type of travel vlog, daily vlog, or other vlogs.

But another vlog combines the three types of vlogs in one Youtube channel without excluding the type of vlog that is your trademark.

That’s the discussion about the meaning, types, and tips for making vlogs for beginners. Hopefully, this discussion can be helpful and useful for you.

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